Medical centre nears finish

A 3D rendering depicting the finished building

Work on converting the Wynyard Hotel into a medical centre is nearing completion, with the interior speedily taking shape.

The building, which is waiting for modification approvals to return from council before the final touches can be made, has been completely transformed from its previous use as one of Tumut’s most beloved watering holes.

At a cost of $2 million, the building contains 11 treatment rooms, several consultation rooms and a reception area.

A back deck which will be developed as a disability access point and for ambulances and will eventually feature an outdoor alfresco garden, has a view of the developing car-park which will be able to facilitate for both staff and patient.

Providing further patient access at the back of the building is a disability ramp, at a cost of around $100,000.

Rendering works to the façade of the building, the installation of timbered floors and the car park are key areas of the project yet to be finished, but the anticipated completion of the building remains before Christmas.

The centre is expected to house three doctors from next year and another and two to three registrars.

Project manager Andrianna Benjamin said that it was one the most hotly anticipated infrastructure builds in town and that she had been asked about it almost constantly.

“It’s a very exciting development and very important to people in the region.

“Dr Tran has invested an incredible amount into the community by getting specialists to assist the requirements of patient load as well as allied health professionals. She’s also working hard to facilitate as many doctors as possible,” she said.

“Everyone is so thrilled about what’s happening on the main street. I don’t think I’ve had anyone come into work who hasn’t asked me about it, especially as it gets closer to the finish line.”

Ms Benjamin said that progress had been smooth over the last 12 months, with few set backs.

“It’s been a fairly uncomplicated process and we’ve managed to stick to our completion date. We’ve tried to keep the work as local as possible, in sourcing and in planning,” she said.

While the work on the building is expected to be completed in two to three weeks, so far there is no set opening date for the building.