Meet Batlow VRA’s newest member

‘Andy’ the manikin.

The Members of the Batlow Search and Rescue Squad would like to introduce our newest member. ‘Flexible Rescue Randy’, (they are calling him Andy) is a manikin intended as an instructional aide in the teaching and demonstration of live rescue training techniques.

Search and Rescue officer Eileen Miles said Andy would aid the VRA in training for a range of emergency situations.

“Developed especially for the aerospace industry, he can be used in any confined space rescue,” she said.

“He has more flexible joints than most manikins of this type. This allows positioning of the manikin under dashboards and in tight spots. The swivelling action of his many joints allows for simulation of broken and dislocated bones, as well as trapped body parts.”

‘Andy’ was purchased along with Audio Visual equipment for training purposes with a Grant from the Department of Social Services (Volunteer Grants 2016). This is the second grant received by the Squad in the last financial year. The other Grant was from TransGrid, of rechargeable scene lighting and hand-held radios.

“We wish to thank the Department of Social Services, TransGrid and The Rotary Club of Batlow for their support in the last financial year,” said Ms Miles.

The Squad trains on Tuesday nights at 6pm at the Squad Headquarters Mill Batlow. New members or interested persons are always welcome.

Any questions about the Squad can be submitted by email at [email protected], or by looking at the Facebook page Batlow Search and Rescue Squad.