Memorial board presented to Adelong Alive museum

Peter Henderson with the memorial board he built out of sugar pine.

The Adelong Alive Museum was presented with a memorial board on Wednesday morning, made by Peter Henderson of the Adelong Men’s Shed using salvaged sugar pine timber.

The memorial board will be erected at the Museum to honour founding members Mark Lipscomb and Tom Wiles. 

Their names will be displayed on the board using gold leaf, with ‘Adelong Alive Museum’ printed at the top.

It took Mr Henderson roughly three weeks to build the board. Over the last eight months since the Shed was first gifted sugar pine timber by AKD, he has had lots of practice building cheese boards, toys, wooden blocks and more.

The museum’s curator Margaret Bentley and visual arts director Jason Sullivan accepted the memorial board on behalf of the Adelong Alive Museum. The pair have great respect for Mr Lipscomb and Mr Wiles, who they say helped the development of not only the museum, but the town of Adelong as a whole.

An antique auction was held in Adelong last weekend, and Mr Sullivan said some of the funds raised will be going towards a red gum bench to go on the Adelong Creek Walk, as another memorial for the museum founders and much-loved community members.

Meanwhile, the Adelong Men’s Shed had a new ceiling installed in the last months, thanks to a grant from the St Vincent de Paul Society.

There was a slight delay in construction, when one third of the ceiling panels were placed on the wrong truck and taken on a slight detour to Perth, however the ceiling is now finally installed ready for the colder months.

New lights were installed by local electrician Julian Bellette, and two air conditioners were also installed, paid for with money raised through the sale of sugar pine products the last eight months.

The Shed is always looking for new members, who can take advantage of the many tools and equipment on site, as well as the companionship. Both men and women are welcome to attend, with no age limits, either.