Mischievous dog starts kitchen fire

Emergency services at the scene of a kitchen fire in Carey Street, Tumut, on Wednesday morning.

AN adventurous dog sparked a kitchen fire that could have been disastrous in Tumut on Wednesday.

A Tumut Fire and Rescue firefighter said he understood the dog got into the kitchen when no one was at home and bumped a knob which turned on the stove, then jumped on top of the fridge and knocked a flammable item, believed to be paper, onto the stove, which started a small fire. 

A neighbour noticed the fire and called the occupants of the home, one of whom came home and extinguished the fire. 

There was a small amount of damage to the rangehood caused by flame and smoke. 

Fire and Rescue and Police were called to the scene in Carey Street at about 10.30am, and firefighters made sure the fire was out, checked the roof space and cleared the smoke.

“It was very lucky,” a Tumut Fire and Rescue firefighter said.

“It was quite a good outcome because it could have been a lot worse.”

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