Missing Talbingo safety sign to be replaced

A single vehicle crash on the Snowy Mountains Highway near Talbingo last week. Transport for NSW says it will replace a 60km/h speed sign that has been missing on the highway following concerns from a local resident.

Transport for NSW says it will replace a missing 60km/h speed safety sign near the intersection of the Snowy Mountains Highway and Miles Franklin Drive.

The Tumut and Adelong Times contacted Transport for NSW about the missing sign after being informed by concerned Talbingo resident Paul Polmeer that it had been removed and not replaced, and that he feared a fatality due to the excessive speed of vehicles, particularly trucks, going past the intersection.

“Transport for NSW on Friday (December 3) inspected this section of road and found a 60 km/h speed zone sign to be missing from Miles Franklin Drive,” a Transport for NSW spokesman said.

“A new sign will be installed as soon as possible.”

In November 2019, Transport for NSW installed a 40km/h zone at the base of Talbingo Mountain for four months while crews carried out work on the drainage where the Snowy Mountains Highway crosses Jounama Creek, ahead of Miles Franklin Drive.

The reduced speed limit was part of a traffic management plan to ensure the safety of both motorists and workers. The 60 km/h zone was reinstated after work was completed in March 2020.

Mr Polmeer has been campaigning for the return of the 60km/h sign for nearly a year, and has spent much of that time worrying about a fatality occurring at the site. He emailed Eden-Monaro MP Kristy McBain about the issue in November, saying that since the 60km/h sign had been removed trucks and other vehicles had been speeding through the zone at 100km/h.

“This is a very dangerous area for the older residents of Talbingo who simply do not have the reflexes to deal with speeding trucks doing 100kmph past our town turn off in a 60km zone,” he wrote.

“So far I have approached the Snowy Valleys Council, the NSW Main Roads and sent two letters to you, our local member and still we have no speed signs.”

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