Montreal welcomes environmental royalty

Even Council’s Waste and Recycling Officer Ken Fletcher was getting some tips from The King and Queen of Green on Tuesday.
Even Council’s Waste and Recycling Officer Ken Fletcher was getting some tips from The King and Queen of Green on Tuesday.

JUST under 1000 primary students from across the Tumut Shire were welcomed into the world of recycling on Tuesday when the Montreal Theatre erupted with the environmental creativity of Eaton Gorge Theatre Company’s King and Queen of Green.

The 45-minute educational performance was organised and funded by Tumut Shire Council as a way to engage the younger generations of the community to take interest in their surrounding environment.

Students from Kindergarten to Year Six of Brungle Public, McAuley Catholic Central School, Tumut Public School and Gadara were all in attendance at the two performances, filling the local theatre to the brim.

In a fun and interactive show the environmental royalty captured the attention of both students and teachers alike as they discussed waste, landfill and the value of compositing.

There were musical numbers where students were asked to sing along and follow gestures along with a selection of volunteers from the audience who were given specific roles at different parts of the show, something which significantly added to the entertainment, the children laughing at or egging on their peers as they joined in the on-stage fun.

An apple, representative of the earth tied the whole performance together, as it was slowly chopped into pieces to signify the destruction which pollution and degradation can have on the environment over a period of time.

Simple tips to be used in school and at homes to reduce, reuse and recycle were also explored during the show.

A recycling relay to end the show, had the children jumping out of their seats as they cheered on their peers, helping them choose which rubbish went where.

Never has such a serious, yet bland topic, created so much entertainment as on Tuesday, with squeals of laughter, loud clapping and enthusiastic responses echoing throughout the theatre.

The King and Queen of Green was also the chance for local children to experience a live theatre performance, something which many may not have had the chance to do previously.

Impressed by the overwhelming support of the schools, council’s waste and recycling officer, Ken Fletcher, said the performance was about using culture and fun to put across a positive message about recycling.

“We are always trying new things as you have to keep moving with the times,” Mr Fletcher said.

“So far we are getting good results with our waste reduction program and this is another innovative way to increase this education.

“These children are the decision makers of tomorrow so by educating them about environmental sustainability at a young age we are investing in our future.”