Mystery auction at evening View

Leonie Jones presents Sonia Roodt with her membership badge.
Leonie Jones presents Sonia Roodt with her membership badge.

The August meeting of the Tumut Evening View Club was held on Wednesday August 24, 2016, in the grip of rainy weather, but the atmosphere at Club Tumut was again warm and inviting, with 17 members present for the meeting and Mystery Auction.

The Evening View Club is not just a forum for raising much needed funds to support our Learning for Life Student who is now in high school, or adding to the much needed assistance that the Smith Family provides to families in need, but it is also a place where friendships are cultivated and where each member contributes just by being there and sharing their life experiences.

The power of a woman’s integrity and her contribution to society just by simply being someone’s mother or auntie, a stranger or an old friend; by serving the community in a chosen profession – be it teaching or nursing, tending their family or serving over a counter, all women have valuable skills and knowledge and this is how the View Club members around the country make their voices heard.

Whilst meetings have a formal content and agenda, and the business at hand is dealt with professionally and minuted, the View Club encourages its members to have fun whilst raising funds, and to forge friendships which in many cases last a lifetime.

This is why there are theme evenings which are tackled by club members who bring their special gifts and skills to the fore with ingenuity and creativity and why we have such fantastic evenings.

The August meeting took the form of a Mystery Auction, where mysterious and wonderful items were wrapped up and members bid enthusiastically for the promise of a rare gem to be found under the wrapping – or not!

“Booby prizes” were graciously accepted although bags of lollies or tea towels are always welcome anyway !

A great evening’s entertainment was provided by Auctioneers Robyn Jeffrey and Jackie Foster, who’s auctioneering talents had to be seen to be believed.

Another membership badge was also presented by the President, Leonie Jones to Sonia Roodt, and will be worn with pride in the future.

At the September meeting guest speaker, Angela Nest will share her vast and varied gardening expertise as she guides the group with tips and hints about Spring Gardening.

This will be a treat, as we all revel in the promise of warm weather and colour in the gardens and if anyone wants to join the evening as a guest, you will they very welcome, simply contact Maureen Dowling on 6947 9483, for catering and seating arrangements.

It is really worth the effort to meet new people, and still contribute to worthy causes.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday September 28 at Club Tumut, 6pm for 6.30pm.