nbn deadline arrives

The National Broadband Network (nbn) has given a final reminder to Tumut residents and businesses that their switch over deadline has arrived.

Making the switch to an nbn powered plan is not automatic, which means people who want to maintain their landline phone and Internet access must contact a phone or Internet provider to place an order as soon as possible.

The rollout of the nbn broadband access network is an upgrade to Australia’s landline phone and broadband network.

Once the network goes live in a particular area, residents and businesses have an 18-month window to contact their preferred phone or internet provider and make the switch.

For Tumut residents and businesses, this window closes this month.

“For those 2,033 businesses and premises in Tumut, and 2014 premises and businesses in Adelong that were switched over to the nbn fixed line broadband access network in January 2017, their disconnection date is fast approaching – August 2018,” NSW nbn local manager, Amber Dornbusch said.

“The disconnection date should not come as a surprise.

“Before premises are disconnected from the nbn network, they receive five different letters from nbn and will also receive written and verbal communications from their phone or Internet service provider.

“The final piece of correspondence from nbn is a registered post, meaning they have to sign for it, and comes about one month prior to the disconnection date.

“For the small number of remaining premises and businesses in both towns, (around 20 in Adelong and 80 in Tumut), that were not connected until earlier this year, their copper network won’t be switched off until March 2019,” she said.

For the majority of Tumut and Adelong’s residents and business owners, now is the time to act if they want to switch over.

“By the time the disconnection date arrives, the vast majority of services have already been migrated and we closely manage the final single digit percentage yet to migrate, who still want to migrate,” Ms Dornbusch said.

“In Tumut and Adelong, the take up percentage is just under 75%.

“Some decide not to migrate as they prefer a mobile only service, it is a holiday house, or they have another provider.”

If premises are unserviceable at the time of disconnection, their line will be quarantined in order for the premises to physically retain a service.

“If someone believes they have been disconnected, we urge anyone experiencing issues to contact their retail service provider as the first port of call,” Ms Dornbusch said.