Netball Rep Teams head to State Titles

Under 15s

THIS long weekend, our community’s budding netball stars are set to shine as the Murray’s 15s and Crampton Electrical 17s teams from the Tumut Netball Association embark on their journey to the Senior State Titles.

Senior State Titles is a three-day tournament showcasing the strength of grassroots netball with players from all over the state coming together.

The Under 15 and Under 17 teams will be competing in Camden.

Crampton Electrical 17s: 

Selena-Rose Bower: Dynamic defender with a perfect hold over the shot. Never gives up. 

Emma Brasen: Makes the defensive goal third her own – reads the play as the ball comes down the court.

Kaitlyn Breed: Versatile player in defence and attack. Leading by example on the court – never giving up.

Jazmine Crampton: Encourages everyone on court -feeds the circle with skill and always there for the reoffer.

Jess Martin: Great movement on the court, finds the space and shoots with amazing accuracy.

Gypsy McDonnell: Always improving with a work ethic second to none. Great speed in and out of the circle working to find space.

Eadie McKay: Links our defence and attack with smooth efficiency – works to always give us a balanced court.

Allie Piper: Leads the team on and off the court and lifting game intensity as needed. Excellent all-round skills.

Missy Ryan: Superb tactician who helps the team lift. Outstanding transition game.

Lucy Swan: An asset in defensive end – works well with the team to delay shooters drive to the circle. Always available for the reset.

Murray’s 15s:

Amelia Baker: Versatile player, always a smile on her face but has a serious side. Don’t underestimate her.

Amelia Bye: Our quiet achiever sneaking for that space or her spot on the circle. Hands over the pass all the time.

Alex Crowe: Can shoot the ball and jumps high for the rebound. Our chief in the circle.

Hannah Hood: Never gives up, runs every ball down and defensive rebounder extraordinaire.

Elle Wedding-Lazarus: Loves the bounce pass, can defend and pass or shot. Logical thinker on the court.

Meg Parry: Baseline drives for days, gives and goes. Can turn and shoot with flair.

Tasma Pentland: Last line of defence keeping the shooters out of the circle. Don’t be mistaken by that smile.

Cybella Roddy: Effortless player who moves with grace. Not to be underestimated can thread a pass with her eyes closed.

Sophie Ryan: Pocket Rocket – don’t stand in the way of her bullet passes, play maker.

Una Skein: Debutante of the team and a super-fast learner. Best encourager.

Just a reminder to all our netball families, there is a General Bye for the long weekend. All teams return the following weekend June 15.

Results from Round 5 are:

Division 1/2: Goode Coaches 14s 35 def Chalkies 30 (MVP Zoe McKay and Ashlee Baker); Batlow RSL Club 43 def Fire Ballers 23 (MVP Pia Zovaro and Grace Larter); Crampton Electrical 17s 47 def Fire Shooters 8 (MVP Eadie McKay and Melanie Bowditch); Woolpack 54 def Gundy Queens 21 (MVP Chloe Turnbull and Sally Scott); Hot Chips won on forfeit to Murray’s 15s.

Division 3: 

DME 13s 40 def Tiger Magic 21 (MVP Sierra Roddy and Brooklyn Foster); The Bush Chemist Babes 32 def Kiss My Pass 26 (MVP Eadie McKay and Jayda Bradshaw); Sparkles 47 def Club Tumut 18 (MVP Amelia Bye and McKenna Blewitt).

Division 4/5: 

Fergie’s Purple Thunder 23 def Court Queens 14 (MVP Bridee Piper and Zoey Dean); Shooting Stars 42 def Tiger Pride 5 (MVP McKenna Blewitt and Minnie Pearce); Cool Rainbows 21 def Live Wires 5 (MVP Harlee Crain and Alice Webb).

Division 6: 

Tiger Lillies 9 def AKD Star Power 6 (MVP Sadie Richards and Susannah Kerr); Cherry Bombs 25 def The Superboltz 3 (MVP Sophie Cobden and Angel Brown).

Tumut Netball Canteen Award recipients:

Division 7: 

Wizz Fizzers – Georgia Dee, Tigeriffic – Juliet Kerr, Sparkle Sisters – Halle Wells, Feisty Fillies – Sophie Peacock.

Division 8: 

Fast Fillies – Evie Harris, Tiger Cubs – Josie Lott, Tiger Tots – Lilly Barton, Bluebells – Kiah Penrith, Gemstone Dolphins – Rosalie Gray, Pink Ladies – Stella Richards.

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