Netballers enjoy perfect weather

Georgia Thornton does well to catch a pass during her divison 5 game at the Maragret Butler Complex on Saturday.

The Tumut Netball Association winter competition saw round five played on Saturday, and games were once again won and lost in perfect netball weather. 

Canteen Awards for the net-set-go division went to Lacey Martin, Kaitlin McMahon, Josie Webb, Maddison Warren, Halle Withers, Mckenna Blewitt and Eliza Graham.

In The Division 6 Games, Cool Rainbows defeated Fergies’ Purple Thunder and Strikers held off the Tiger Lillies. Most valuable players were Jess Evans, Olivia Forsyth, Chloe Salter and Sophie Graham.

Snowy Owls beat Elliotts 11s and Sparkles were too good for Hot Sparks in Division five games and best and fairest players were Eadie McKay, Sophie Webb, Lilly Day and Elle Wedding-Lazarus.  

In Division four games, Amigos accounted for Murrays 12s, Purple Reign defeated McFlurries and Savage Sisters accounted for Club Tumut 13s. Most valuable players were Demi Sturt, Alex Crowe, Hannah Smithson, Josie Warren, Marli McDonnell and Mahayli Makeham.

Games played in Division two saw Carve It Up just edge out Black Beauties 24-22 on the final bell. Most valuable players were Lily Webb and Brydee Withers. 

In the other Division two games played, The Dividers beat DME 14s and most valuable players were Sophie Buckingham and Sophie Ciganek.

In Division one, Bowlie defeated Talent Times, Divas held off Health Klinix Tumut and Royal were too good for Batlow RSL.

Best and fairest players were Megan Gould, Gemma Delany, Makenzie Glynn, Brhiannon Perrin, Grace Dean and Loren Murrell.

Spectators are reminded QR codes are displayed at several points around the courts and that there are to be no dogs, bikes, scooters or skate boards at the courts on Saturdays.

Round 6 netball draw

9am: Court 1, Div. 8 Tiger Cubs v Cherry Bombs (Cherry Bombs); court 2, Div. 8 Panorama Ponies v Sunshine (Sunshine); court 3, Div. 7 Tiger Pride v The Unicorns (The Unicorns); Live Wires v The Unicorns (Live Wires); Tiger Pride v Live Wires (Tiger Pride); Net-Set-Go Skills.

10.30am: Court 1, Div. 6 Tiger Lillies v Cool Rainbows (Eadie McKay/Jaz Crampton); court 3, Div. 6 Purple Thunder v Strikers (Jodie Hamilton/Brie McDonald).

11.30am: Court 1, Div. 5 Sparkles v Snowy Owls (Allie Piper/Sophie Ciganek); court 3, Div. 4 Amigos v Savage Sisters (Chloe Turnbull/Kaitlin Jones).

12.30pm: Court 1, Div. 5 Tiger Magic v Hot Sparks (Jodie Hamilton/Lyndal McKay); court 3, Div. 4 Purple Reign v Club Tumut 13s (Lily Webb/Olivia Dean).

1.30pm: Court 1, Div. 4 McFlurries v Murrays 12s   (Leith Turner/Molly Baron); court 3, court 3: Div. 2 Carve It Up v The Dividers (Brie McDonald/Gemma Delany).

2.30pm: Court 1, Div. 1 Oriental Fillys v Talent Times (Abby Sutton/Hannah Collins); court 2, Div. 2 DME 14s v Black Beauties (Lily Webb/Chloe Turnbull); court 3, Div. 1 Royal v Divas (Kay Dodds/Maggie Talbot).

3.30pm: Court 1, Div .1 Batlow RSL v Goodes’ 15s (Gemma Delany/Ella Day); court 2, Div. 1 Health Klinix v Bowlie (Taylor Gorman/Brie McDonald).

Bye: Div.5 Elliotts 11s.

Note: The association wishes to remind umpires that if they cannot do their umpiring, they need to find a reliable and competent replacement.

Canteen Roster

9.30am, Cool Rainbows; 10.30am, The Unicorns; 11.30am, Strikers; 12.30pm, Carve It Up.