Netballers perform at senior state titles

The Tumut Netball Association under 17s team.

The June long weekend saw the Tumut Netball Association under 15s and 17s sides contest the Hart Netball NSW Senior State Titles in Bankstown. 

Both teams played well, with the under 17s, coached by Tracey Gorman and managed by Helen Stuenkel, finishing seventh in division three.

The under 15s, coached by Megan Turnbull and managed by Carmel Lemon, finished fifth in division four. 

It is a huge achievement for both sides, which battled an interrupted preparation and missed out on playing at state in 2020. 

Crampton’s Electrical 17s wrap

Tumut Netball Association secretary and team manager Helen Stuenkel explained their eldest girls, the Crampton’s Electrical under 17s, put up a brave fight.

The likes of Ava Doughty battled a broken finger, which was only diagnosed upon returning to home, while the team worked hard against tough opposition. 

The Tumut Netball Association under 15s team.

Tumut, after two big days of netball, played the two top teams on Monday, and the local girls were tired and still battling hard.

Southern Highlands topped the pool and won division three and Tumut pushed them to two points, showcasing their ability. 

Goodes Coaches 15s wrap

Tumut’s Goodes Coaches 15s had an extremely rewarding, fun but challenging experience. 

The team, coaches and manages achieved their goal of finishing in the top five, finishing fifth in their division. 

The girls’ preparation was impacted when star mid court players Taylah Graham and Olivia Dean both suffered ankle injuries prior to the tournament.

All of the girls were devasted that Olivia was unable to take the court with them at State Titles and were unsure whether Taylah would be able to take the court until the first day of competition.  

All players displayed great sportsmanship, resilience, determination and physical strength throughout the three-day competition.

One highlight of the weekend was on day two when the 15s played the top of the table team Quirindi. 

At half time, the team were down by 10 goals. But the girls showed remarkable determination and strength in the second half to take the lead by one goal. 

Amazing defence by Ellisha Olsen and Clare Bottero shut down the Quirindi attack and numerous intercepts by Molly Webb helped turn the game around. 

This game drew a large crowd of spectators from across the state with many commenting on the amazing talent of the Tumut team.  

Tumut 15s coach Megan Turnbull and assistant coach Carmel Lemon were extremely proud of all of the players and the courage, support and respect they showed all weekend. 

Lily Webb was strong and agile in all games, leading the team and directing play. 

Chloe Turnbull shot well and was always an option in attack.

Taylah Graham never faulted with an injured ankle and fed the shooters with accuracy. 

Molly Webb and Katherine Oakes provided great drives through the mid court and clever defensive play. 

Dana Parry enjoyed her first State Titles experience and was strong in WD, shutting down opposition attack. 

Clare Bottero and Ellisha Olsen performed perfectly in defence, rattling all opposition shooters and making exceptional turn overs.

A credit to a small country association and a band of volunteers who work extremely hard to help local players achieve their netball goals and provide them with the opportunity to play, and be competitive, at such a high level. 

The team would like to thank the Tumut Netball Association, Fred Goode, Anna Webb their fitness coach, Jane Lemon and their manager Liz Crampton.

In local netball news, competition returns on Saturday, with round seven of the Tumut Netball Association winter competition to tip off at the Margaret Butler Complex. 

Round 7 netball draw


Court. 1: Div. 8 Cherry Bombs v Sunshine (Cherry Bombs)

Court. 2: Div. 8 Panorama Ponies v Tiger Cubs (Tiger Cubs)

Court.3: Div. 7 Tiger Pride v The Unicorns (Tiger Pride)

Live Wires v The Unicorns (Unicorns)

Tiger Pride v Live Wires (Live Wires)

Net-Set-Go Skills


Court. 1: Div. 6 Purple Thunder v Tiger Lillies (Lily Webb/Jodie Hamilton)

Court. 3: Div. 6 Cool Rainbows v Strikers (Eadie McKay/Cybella Roddy)


Court. 1: Div. 5 Snowy Owls v Hot Sparks (Charli Sturt/Sophie Buckingham)             

Court. 3: Div. 4 Amigos v McFlurries (Allie Piper/Sophie Ciganek)


Court. 1: Div. 5 Tiger Magic v Elliotts’ 11s (Michelle Crampton/Lyndal McKay) Savage Sisters v Purple Reign (Lily Webb/Tazmin Makeham)


Court. 1: Div. 4 Club Tumut 13s v Murrays’ 12s (Jaz Aitken/Brydee Withers

Court. 3: Div. 2 Carve It Up v DME 14s (Chloe Turnbull/Molly Webb)


Court. 1: Div. 1 Divas v Oriental Fillys (Gemma Delany/Ella Day)

Court. 2: Div. 2 Black Beauties v The Dividers (Lily Webb/Tazmin Makeham)

Court. 3: Div. 1 Royal v Helath Klinix (Kay Dodds/Amanda Winter) 


Court. 1: Div .1            Goodes’ 15s v Bowlie (Taylor Gorman/Abby Skein)

Court. 3: Div. 1: Talent Time v Batlow RSL (Jodie Hamilton/Breanna Skeers)

Bye: Div. 5, Sparkles

Please note, if you can’t do your umpiring, please find a reliable and competent replacement.

Canteen Roster: 9.30am: Fergies’ Purple Thunder; 10.30am: Panorama Ponies; 11.30am: Tiger Magic, 12.30pm: Snowy Owls.