Netballers return to the court

The Tumut netball season got off to a great start last Saturday in perfect autumn conditions at the Margaret Butler courts.

Competition organisers were happy to see everyone abiding by the Covid-19 guidelines and social distancing.

The Net-Set-Goers took to the courts first with some teams just playing games and other teams playing games and working on basic skills.

Canteen awards went to Elie Dodds, Charlotte Graham, Georgia Thornton and Charlotte Baker.

In Division 6, Cool Rainbows defeated Strikers and Tiger Lillies were a little too good Fergies Purple Thunder. Most Valuable Players were Jessica Evans, Chloe Salter, Kyla Warren and Delilah Hanson.

Tiger Magic defeated Hot Sparks and Snowy Owls accounted for Sparkles in Division 5.   

Best players were Mahayli Makeham, Penny Schirmer, Emma Brasen and Alex Crowe.

Division 4 saw a good game between Amigos and Savage Sisters, with Amigos winning, while Purple Reign won against the Club Tumut 13s. Most valuable players were Bailee Hotham, Marli McDonnell, Allie Piper and Eadie McKay.

Unfortunately, in Division 3, Health Klinix Tumut won on a forfeit and in the only game played, Batlow RSL defeated Oriental Fillys. Best and fairest players were Loren Murrell and Jane Dowling.

In Division 2, The Dividers defeated Black Beauties and Carve It Up were a little too good for DME 14s. Most valuable players were Darcey Fife and Charli Sturt.

Division one action was exciting and Goodes Coaches 15s defeated Talent Time and Royal accounted for Bowlie. Most valuable players were Olivia Dean, Gemma Delany, Karen Cobden and Megan Gould.

Due to a team pulling out at the last minute in Division 3, a new draw has been implemented and Divisions 1 and 3 will now combine, and at the end of the competition, they will go back to their original divisions to play the finals.

Competition organisers had a little housekeeping after round one and want to remind parents and players that they need to be registered before they can play. 

Also, there are no dogs, bikes, scooters or skateboards allowed at the courts on Saturdays.

Lastly, organisers have noticed that during some of the Net-Set-Go games, there seem to be too many adults on the court with the players. The only person who should be on the court is the coach.

Round 2 netball draw 

9am: Court 1: Div. 8 Sunshine v Tiger Cubs (Tiger Cubs); court 2: Div. 8 Panorama Ponies v Cherry Bombs (Cherry Bombs); court 3: Div. 7 Tiger Pride v The Unicorns (The Unicorns); The Unicorns v Live Wires (Live Wires); Live Wires v Tiger Pride (Tiger Pride); Net-Set-Go Skills.

10.30am: Court 1: Div. 6 Strikers v Tiger Lillies (Ella Smith/Darnah Makeham); court 3: Div. 6 Purple Thunder v Cool Rainbows (Jaz Crampton/Michelle Crampton).

11.30am: Court 1: Div. 5 Hot Sparks v Snowy Owls (Allie Piper/Sophie Ciganek); court 3: Div. 4 Amigos v McFlurries (Lily Webb/Mel Bradshaw).

12.30pm: Court 1: Div. 5 Elliotts 11s v Tiger Magic (Jaz Aitken/Ava Doughty); court 3: Div. 4 Purple Reigns v Savage Sisters (Olivia Dean/Ellisha Olsen).

1.30pm: Court 1: Div. 4 Murrays 12s v Club Tumut 13s (Hannah Collins/Chloe Turnbull); court 3: Div. 2 Carve It Up v Black Beauties (Tazmin Makeham/Sophie Buckingham).

2.30pm: Court 1: Div. 1 Goodes 15s v Health Klinix (Charlotte Whyte/Tahnee Bulger); court 2: Div. 2 The Dividers v DME 14s (Megan Gould/Rose Petfield; court 3: Div. 1 Royal v Talent Times (Makenzie Glynn/Cassie Brennan).

3.30pm: Court 1: Div. 1: Divas v Batlow RSL (Lauree Christian/Ella Day); court 3: Div. 1 Bowlie V Oriental Fillys (Taylor Gorman/Gemma Delany).

Bye: Sparkles

Canteen Roster: 9.30am: Strikers; 10.30am: Tiger Pride; 11.30am: Purple Reigns; 12.30pm: McFlurries; 1.30pm: Tiger Magic.