New lights to brighten Bull Paddock nights

GEA Electrical and National Cranes and Engineering busy putting up the new lights at the Bull Paddock.

The future for sportspeople using the Bull Paddock has got a lot brighter with the installation of new lights aimed at giving the facility night-game capability.

Local company GEA Electrical and National Cranes and Engineering have been busy with the work, which is expected to be complete by the end of next month, despite the disruptions caused by wet weather.

Snowy Valleys Council received $250,000 from round one of the NSW Government’s Regional Sport Facility Fund to upgrade lighting at the Bull Paddock.

Council says the previously existing light at the Bull Paddock do not meet quality standards required for night competition.

The upgrade will allow the facility to be used for night competition and night training sessions.

Three new LED lights are being installed, and the heads will be replaced on the existing lights.

Tumut Eagles’ Lachlan Anderson is one of many sportspeople who will benefit from having a night-fit lighting system.

“Yeah they look good,” he said.

“They make the Bull Paddock look a bit more impressive. The hope for the Eagles is that we can play some night games in the future and the lights will let us do that. Night games have a different feel about them so it’s exciting.”

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