New name reflects changing capacity

SMART have a new name and logo.

The Snowy Mountains Animal Rescue Team has a new name and a new logo designed by Jess Neighbour.

They will now be known as the Smart Animal Sanctuary and Rehoming Centre, with the new name designed to reflect their changing capacities.

“We kept the word ‘smart’ in it because everyone knows us as that anyway,” said founder Lorene Cross.

“We’ve done it because we’ve started doing more farm animals – we’ve had chickens and roosters and goats and pigs and everything else come through the door!

“We’ve got a farm out here where I live, it’s 55 acres and basically I can house anybody while I’m trying to find them a home. We’ve got a big stable and sheds so we can have them all here.”

Ms Cross is hoping the inclusion of the words ‘animal sanctuary’ in the title will imply more readily that they take all animals under the sun.

Evidence of this are Lorene’s own furry friends on her farm, three camels, which she assures “love Batlow.”

“People just about drive off the road when they see them!” she said.

“We get a lot of goats and pigs, and on the wildlife side of it we’ve even gotten a platypus.

“We’ve had a lot of goats recently – people often adopt them as babies and then when they reach the teenage years they become naughty and start climbing on cars and things like that, and they can’t look after them anymore. I love goats, because they’re characters, but they are extremely naughty.

“We get a lot of animals that are former pets. People will have pet cows and things like that, and they reach a stage where they have to downsize and they can’t keep them anymore.

“We’re a sanctuary for all animals, basically.”

The team have new uniforms and a new Facebook page – find them by searching Smart Animal Sanctuary and Rehoming Centre.

If you have an animal you can’t look after or you want to become a foster parent for a cute critter, call Lorene Cross on 0428491492.