No positive Covid cases

As of Friday afternoon (July 23, 2021) there remains no positive Covid cases in the Snowy Valleys.

The MLHD said there is a significant difference between a positive Covid case and an instance in which a member of the community is self-isolating after getting a test.

Setchen Brimson with the MLHD said people have been anxious about identifying cases in the community, but pledged that the health district will immediately notify the community if a positive case is identified.

“As soon as we are notified of a case we will be advising you because, of course, we will want people to come forward for testing – anybody that has had contact with a positive case,” she said.

“Rest assured that if there is a positive case in our region, we will let you know.”

Some local businesses have reported being extra cautious, limiting services around visitors who have had contact with other people from other areas who have travelled near hot spots. However, the MLHD has confirmed there are no cases which have been detected in the Snowy Valleys or linked to any local businesses.

Ms Brimson said the MLHD has also been quizzed on its capacity to keep up with testing, but assured The Times that the district has built their Covid response to be able to “flex up” to meet demand when needed.

“Don’t ever worry that we won’t be able to test [people],” she said. 

The latest Covid advice requires anyone who has visited Orange, Blayney or Cabonne since July 17 to stay home and only leave for essential reasons after Covid-positive removalists from Sydney visited that region.

On July 20 and 21 a testing blitz was also conducted in Cootamundra after a visitor to a private residence in that town later tested positive for Covid. 350 people came forward for testing, but as of Friday afternoon, none had tested positive for the virus. 

Anyone in the community who feels unwell or has Covid symptoms is encouraged to visit a testing clinic and self-isolate until receiving a negative result. To book an appointment, call the MLHD Covid-19 Hotline on 1800 831 099.