NSW Continental Champs head to Tumut

2020 Riverina Zone Continental Carnival Winners Rodney Wright in point score, Brad Kidd single barrel and Adam Yan double barrel and high gun.

Tumut Clay Target Club will move into unchartered territory this weekend when they host the NSW Continental Championships.

Never before has the Tumut club hosted a state championship shoot and Tumut Clay Target Club spokesperson Phil Green highlighted the enormity of the event.

“The weekend incorporates three state championships, which is a first for our Tumut Club,” Green said.

“We have been building for this since 2015 when the decision was made to expand and upgrade the club’s facilities (and) with great support from our local business community, successful grant applications at local and state levels and of course competitor support, we have been able to build the club up to the three layouts needed to conduct state carnival events.”

Last year, the NSW State Executive Committee awarded the 2020 Continental Carnival to Tumut ahead of several other bigger clubs.

“This was heartening news indeed for us and of course our region,” Green said

“With competitors likely to be coming from interstate and every corner of NSW, this injection of people into the local region comes at a critical time following the recent fires, with many coming in a day or two beforehand and staying on afterwards.

“We shouldn’t underestimate the benefit of these types of sporting events to our local economy.”

Continental competitions are the most difficult shooting discipline undertaken at Tumut, wherein targets are thrown in a random forward direction and at random heights ahead of each competitor; normally competitions involve random direction at a consistent height or fixed direction and height as pairs.

The championships being contested are double barrel, which involves two attempts allowable per target, each scoring equal value; point score, which is two attempts allowable, a hit on the first attempt scores three points and a second attempt hit scores two points, and single barrel, which is one attempt only. 

Each Championship consists of 50 targets and will be run Overall and in the usual four grades of AA, A, B and C.

Competition starts Saturday afternoon with the double barrel championship match and resumes on Sunday morning with the single barrel championship and the point score championship will bring the carnival to a close. 

Carnival high guns will be awarded to the best open individual performance over the weekend as well as grades AA, A, B and C and sections lady, junior and veteran. 

Local shooters will enter the State Continental Carnival in fine fettle after Tumut Clay Target Club conducted the Riverina Zone Continental Championships in February, each being of the exact same format as the State Carnival next weekend

The Double Barrel Championship saw multiple perfect scores of 50/50 and under tough shoot-off conditions; three competitors passed 100 without miss. 

Club secretary Adam Yan ultimately reigned supreme and won the event with an unbroken run of 117, local Tumut identity Grant Thatcher took the AA grade prize at 116/117 and regular visitor Bryan Minos was runner up in AA-grade at 104/105.

The Single Barrel Championship was won outright by Wagga’s Brad Kidd, with an almost perfect tally of 49/50, one ahead of the in-form Tumut shooter David Cassioppoli. 

The Point Score Championship was again a case of almost perfect tallies in AA-grade with Tumut’s Grant Thatcher and Junee Champion Rodney Wright both returning 149/150, after scoring 49 first attempt hits and one solitary hit on the second attempt. 

Under shoot-off conditions, it wasn’t until the 45th point that Wright secured victory with a score of 194/195.

A-grade competition honours on the day were shared between Richard Fryer of Orange, Alex Heffernan-Power of Wagga, Rex Murphy of Boorowa and Tumut’s James Fallon. 

Matt Howard of Junee and Tumut’s Bryan Brooke and Bruce Mayo dominated B-Grade; Andrew Roberts was the only competitor registered in the C-grade class.

At the conclusion of the competition, several high gun scores were recorded in the 95% plus cohort with the best scores belonging to Tumut locals Adam Yan and Dave Cassioppoli at 245/250. 

Yan was the eventual Overall High Gun winner of the 2020 Riverina Zone Continental Carnival at 265/270.

Riverina Zone Continental Championships Results

Overall: Adam Yan 117/117, AA-grade: Grant Thatcher 116/117, Bryan Minos 104/105, A-grade: Richard Fryer 49/52, Rex Murphy 48/52, B-grade: Matt Howard 46/50, Bruce Mayo 43/50, C-grade: Andrew Roberts 40/50.

Riverina Zone Single Barrel Continental Championship:  Overall: Brad Kidd 49/50, AA-grade: Bryan Minos 55/57, Dave Cassioppoli 54/57m, A-grade: Alex Heffernan-Power 43/50, James Fallon 42/50.  B-grade: Bryan Brooke 41/50, Matt Howard 39/50, C-grade: Andrew Roberts 28/50.

Riverina Zone Point Score Continental Championship: Overall: Rodney Wright 194/195.  AA-grade: Grant Thatcher 193/195, Dave Cassioppoli 150/153.  A-grade: Alex Heffernan-Power 140/150, James Fallon 142/153.  B-grade: Matt Howard 133/150, Bryan Brooke 126/150.  C-grade: Andrew Roberts 115/150.

Riverina Zone Continental Carnival High Gun: Adam Yan 265/270.