One-year anniversary of Sunrise Wedding

It’s been one year since Kiarna and Josh’s fairytale wedding on TV show Sunrise.

It’s one year this Saturday since Josh and Kiarna Smith were married live on national television on Hayman Island, but Kiarna said they still get recognised.

In fact, even on the Greek Islands where they had their honeymoon, Australian holidaymakers had seen them get married on the show.

“They just couldn’t believe it and they were all looking it up on YouTube,” laughed Kiarna.

“Even the other day in Holbrook someone came up to us … it mainly happens in towns around here, and Canberra and Wagga.

“It’s weird getting recognised. You try and deny it but I’ve got a pretty distinctive voice so they’re like no, it’s definitely you!”

Even though the show aired a full twelve months ago, Kiarna and Josh only watched the tape two weeks ago – watching through their hands the whole time – and they said it’s still sinking in that they actually got married on live TV, watched by hundreds of thousands of Sunrise viewers.

Kochie and Samantha Armytage celebrated with the happy couple.

They were the winners of Sunrise’s ‘Marry in the Morning’ competition, and the show put on a $100,000 wedding officiated by Greg Evans with Jessica Mauboy performing, along with flights for the bride and groom plus eight guests, luxury yacht transfer from the airport, hair and makeup, a photographer, suites for the guests, a 3-course reception for 20 people, a personalised butler, a private helicopter tour, and a beach villa.

However, Kiarna said that when they applied it hadn’t really registered that part of the deal was that their wedding would be broadcast live.

“Then the next day we won it!” she said.

“It was full-on, when you look back. It didn’t really sink in til afterwards. But we don’t regret it because they put on a really great wedding for us, it was amazing.”

Kiarna and Josh also bought a boat this year, and they’ll be celebrating their one-year anniversary by going fishing.