Partial access restored to Blowering western foreshore

Landslip that was recently repaired on Yellowin Road.

Forestry Corporation will reopen the camping area on Blowering Camp Road from 12:30pm today (Friday) following a temporary closure in July, but access to the remainder of Blowering Dam’s western foreshore remains restricted due to ongoing hazards.

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Regional Manager Dean Anderson thanked the community for their patience while works continue to restore roads and remove dangerous trees.  

“Harvesting and roading crews have been working for the past 18 months to restore access to Blowering Dam’s western foreshore and we were able to safely reopen part of the foreshore area in June,” Mr Anderson said.

“We temporarily closed access roads again in July to urgently repair a landslip on a steep slope and we’re continuing to closely monitor the condition of the roads for any signs of cracking or instability. 

“The reopened area remains limited to the camping area on Blowering Camp. Access will be via Snubba Road and Yellowin Access road, via Batlow or Laurel Hill. There is no access from Talbingo due to the condition of the roads.

“We welcome visitors back to the reopened area but must stress that all other areas of the western foreshore are still dangerous and remain closed, and that roads heading off into the burnt pine remain closed for safety reasons.

“There may also be short periods when the road will be closed again to allow gravel, pipes and heavy equipment to be delivered for further remediation in areas around Blowering Dam, or if further structural repairs are required. 

“If you are planning to visit the area, please pay attention to signage in the forest and stay away from closed areas.

“The main risk is dead trees falling or dropping limbs. Visitors may notice some of the pine trees are losing their bark, which is a clear sign the tree is rotten, but any of the trees in the impacted areas may fall or drop limbs without warning.

“There are also significant hazards on the closed roads and access through to Talbingo on Yellowin Access remains closed due to land slips on the eastern end.

“For the safety of you and your family, and for the safety of those who may be asked to volunteer to rescue you, we ask that no one ventures past any signs or closed-off areas.”

There is no booking system for campers at Blowering Dam’s western foreshore, but campers must self-notify or ‘check-in’ on the Forestry Corporation website as part of our COVID protocols.

For more information about the impact of bushfires and storms on the State forests surrounding Blowering Dam, please visit