Pharmacies flooded with customers

Tumut and Batlow Bush Chemist pharmacist Luke Peacock has experienced bigger than ever customer numbers since the COVID-19 panic hit.

Tumut and Batlow Bush Chemist pharmacies has been busier than ever before as people scramble to buy medicines and other items in the midst of the coronavirus panic.

“Christmas Eve is our busiest day of the year, and every day of this week has been like Christmas Eve,” Tumut and Batlow Bush Chemist pharmacist Luke Peacock said.

The items selling the best can be summed up as “everything”.

“People are trying to get extra scripts and things like Panadol,” Mr Peacock said.

This is happening not only at the Tumut and Batlow Bush Chemist stores but also at Tumbarumba, Cootamundra, Young and Wagga, and it is combining to straining the sourcing of products.

When some people can’t hoard products at the pharmacy like those at the supermarkets, they don’t always take it well.

“We are finding that people are starting to get aggressive with us,” Mr Peacock said.

“Not much, but a bit.”

The Bush Chemist has imposed restrictions on the amount people can buy since March 13.

“We are not allowing people to buy bulk so we can conserve stock for people who need it,” Mr Peacock said.

“We are looking after the whole community, not just the people who got in first.”

He believes that if people don’t panic-buy, then there won’t be an issue with supply.

“But if people everywhere panic-buy, then supplies won’t be able to keep up,” he said.

Mr Peacock doesn’t want anyone to worry that the pharmacies will close down.

“We are going to do everything in our power to avoid that,” he said.

“If every other businesses closes, we will still be open. We are an essential business; not like a café; we have to remain open so people can access medicine.”

Bush Chemist opening hours will not change due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Peacock advised that is anyone having fever symptoms, rather than coming in to the pharmacy should contact the pharmacy staff who will make arrangements.