Pool opens, and it’s more affordable

Taking the plunge on Sunday on a picture perfect day for their first swim of the season at the Tumut Pool was Georgie, Charlotte and Grace Whyte with May Roche.

In a bid to ensure a regular dip in the Tumut Swimming Pool is more affordable for a larger slice of the community, the Tumut Shire Council has resolved to lower the family season pass from $225 to $150, with singles paying $100.

The only catch is it is only available until the January 4 when the tickets will go back the original amount.

After an extraordinary meeting just weeks into this term of governance, council overthrew a previous decision to allow free entry into the town pool in favour of reinstating entry fees.

However, during October’s ordinary council meeting the proposal of dropping season ticket prices across the shire was raised by Cr Scott Stevenson in a bid to improve patronage at the local swimming pools.

Councillor Stevenson, said he believes dropping the season pass is a positive move and hopes it will encourage residents to make use of the facility.

“If you make it affordable for people to go to the pool hopefully they will take advantage of that and buy a season pass and use the pool more,” Clr Stevenson said. “I do hope there will be an uptake of the cheaper tickets and that council can retain the cheaper pass in future years.”

The price of the season pass was originally dropped from $285 with the shortening of the swimming season in Tumut, which now extends from November 3 to March 28.

The extra cut is seen as an incentive for locals to use the pool and boost the low numbers that were experienced last season.

“The pool was not well used last year so the main aim I see is to get people to use the pool,” Clr Stevenson said. “Prices need to be family friendly. It can be a cheap day of entertainment and with a season pass, people can come and go throughout the day if they like.

“It was too expensive before and if you make it affordable then I can’t see why there wouldn’t be an uptake and then we could look at continuing it on in the future.”

The family season pass for the Batlow Swimming Pool has also been reduced and is now $100 with the season passes transferable between the two pools.

“When Adelong is built, the season passes should be transferable around the shire,” Clr Stevenson said. “If there is a good uptake I would encourage council to look at the other fee structures of the pools in the future as well.

“At the moment it is too complicated and too expensive. I think $225 is hard for families to find, $150 is more achievable.”

The weekend signalled the start of the swimming season in Tumut and the glistening pool was well used with many children and families enjoying the beautiful weather and taking up the cheaper ticket offer.

Season tickets can be used by the entire family and covers morning lap swimming parents to learn to swim children, school lessons and weekend family fun.

Although the newly installed turnstile entry system was still experiencing teething problems, it is hoped the use of a token entry will allow council staff to gauge the exact usage of the pool and base future decisions upon these.

As Adelong continues to wait for their pool, they will again be granted free use Batlow Swimming Pool or entry to the Tumut Pool at the current Batlow Pool charges.

Adelong residents must however register at the Adelong Library or the Tumut Shire Council building to be eligible for the scheme.