Power outage goes to plan

A planned power outage in Tumut ran smoothly on Saturday, according to Essential Energy, and there will be more coming up.

A total of 205 Essential Energy customers in Tumut had their power switched off between 9am and 3.30pm, to allow for an upgrade of the electricity network as part of the Tumut Hospital redevelopment.

Essential Energy said it is reviewing every task to minimise the spread of Covid-19 while ensuring critical work to maintain the power supply continues. Some outages that are required to support the operation of critical infrastructure such as hospitals, nursing homes, telecommunications and NBN will go ahead.

Essential Energy said customers were given plenty of warning of the outage.

“Essential Energy strives to provide customers with clear information and adequate notice of planned power outages,” an Essential Energy spokesperson said.

“In line with legislative requirements, we are required to provide customers with a minimum of four business days’ prior notice of any planned power outage to enable customers time to make alternative arrangements. On this occasion, customers were notified Wednesday, April 15.

SMS messages were also sent in the week leading up to the outage.

More outages are planned.

“Yes, the Accredited Service Provider (contractor) requires another power outage for the Tumut Hospital redevelopment,” the spokesperson said.

“Essential Energy is currently working with the Accredited Service Provide to find an appropriate date. Once a date is agreed, Essential Energy will strive to provide customers advanced notification to enable them to make alternative arrangements or employ a contingency plan specific to their own supply requirements.

“Customers can access a number of handy online tips about how to prepare for power outages at essentialenergy.com.au/outages.

“Essential Energy would like to thank the community for its patience and understanding.”