Pride, passion and history motivating Stubbs

Matt Stubbs in action earlier this season.

There isn’t much Tumut cricketer Matt Stubbs hasn’t achieved at a local level.

The promising youngster, who was picked up by Wyangle as a junior during the peak of the club’s success, has certainly lived up to expectations.

Stubbs, known widely as one of the competition’s best all-rounders, has since gone on to win Tumut District Cricket Association player of the year honours, while also leading the club to their last grand final success in 2012.

Despite the strong cricketing resume, Stubbs explained that it was Wyangle’s cricketing history that motivated him the most.

“The club has a tradition and history that is over 100 years old,” Stubbs said.

“There is a lot of history around Wyangle and you want to make that count every time you step our for the club.”

Stubbs began his playing career as a senior way back in the 2006/7 season and soon created a reputation as a good player with the bat and ball.

The 30-year-old reminisced on the moment he found out he would be playing for Wyangle; a decision he would never regret.

“I grew up playing juniors and I remember I would sit up on the hill and watch Wyangle play,” Stubbs said.

“One day I got a phone call from Tom (Shedden), who asked me to to come join Wyangle and I haven’t looked back since.”

Stubbs explained that it was the older generation of Wyangle players that had him hooked from the outset.

Matt Stubbs back in 2012 when he led Wyangle to Tumut District Cricket Association glory.

“There is a good foundation of older blokes who still hang around the club and the Wyangle pilgrimage is still a trip that all of those blokes go to and there is a lot of pride in and around the club,” Stubbs said.

The talented all-rounder would go on to win and lose premierships with the club before a highlight moment would arise in 2012, with Stubbs leading Wynagle to an eight-wicket victory over Coolac in the decider.

“That was pretty special,” Stubbs said,

“You look back at the team we had and some of the old blokes who played and it was a great time for our club.”

Stubbs would go on to win TDCA cricketer of the year honours before a rugby mishap and family commitments slowed down the prominent athlete.

“I won the 2013/14 cricketer of the year award but I broke a bone in my neck playing rugby for the Bulls in 2014/15 and after that, family and other commitments became more important,” Stubbs said.

These days, Stubbs is now focused on getting Wyangle back to winning ways and fostering the next generation of Wyangle players.

“You have blokes like Matt Webb and Richard Davis still playing, which is great, but for us, we spoke a few years ago about bringing people along,” Stubbs said

“With work and university, we just haven’t been able to keep those young players but hopefully we can get some to keep playing in the coming years.”

In light of an aging playing group, Stubbs and his side are confident of a result against Coolac in the 2020 decider.

“I guess you have to be confident in order to perform,” Stubbs said.

“We have played Coolac three times this year and beat them three times but each time it has been a close game and I’m under no illusions; it will be hard match.

“I am just hoping we can say we played them four times for four wins and not four times for three wins.”