Pub 9s history at Tumbarumba

The Pub 9s women’s teams made history at Tumbarumba last Friday night.

HISTORY was made in the Tumut Pub 9s round at Tumbarumba Sportsground on Friday with the first women’s 9s match played and a record score for the competition.

Tumut’s Commercial Sharks women’s team battled to a 13-0 win over the Tumbarumba Greens, and the red-hot Bowlie Bears racked up a record 61-8 win over the Royal Devils.

The night’s final match saw the home team, the Tumbarumba Greens, beat Batlow 19-0 in front of a big and passionate crowd.

The night began with a resounding victory to the Adelong Green and Gold, 34-8 over the Woolpack Jets.

It looked like it would be the Jets’ night when they scored the first try straight after the game began, but they wouldn’t score again until the very end, while the Adelong Green and Gold turned in a superb performance to triumph convincingly.

Jordy Maher was outstanding for the winners, who had many strong performers.

“They are a very well-coached Adelong side,” Tumut Blues Old Boys vice-president Barry Madigan said.

“Adelong are probably coming out of the first couple of rounds as favourites.”

However, he said that Woolpack’s last try proved that they never gave up.

The women’s game was very competitive, with both sides showing, skill, flair and tenacity. 

Michelle Perry scored first, giving the Sharks a 5-0 lead. Chelsea Angus followed this with a length-of-the-field try, and the Tumut side took an 9-0 lead into the break.

Kaytryn Wells scored a remarkable 2/3rds-field try to finish the scoring for the night.

“13-nil doesn’t indicate how close that game was,” Mr Madigan said.

“Michelle Perry and Kaytryn Wells were the stars in the historic girls game. The structure of the Tumbarumba defence was quite good; they defended very well and held the score back to 13 which could have exploded.” He conceded that the Sharks had an edge in speed, and Wells was “blessed with pace.”

The Bowlie Bears are looking ominous for the other teams.

“Ben Hampstead and Eli Williams and Mal Aitken have enormous pace,” Mr Madigan said.

“With good training and coaching they’ve done pretty well as a team.”

The atmosphere for the Tumbarumba-Batlow clash was both electric and nostalgic.

“The barracking in that was like the old days of Group 20 when Batlow and Tumbarumba were playing in it,” Mr Madigan said.

“It was a good win for the Tumbarumba side and outstanding for them was Jordy Anderson, the Burguns and the Byatt brothers. They were instrumental in a well-performed Tumbarumba outfit.” 

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