Regular printmaking workshops

Jenny Crain teaching students at a printmaking workshop at the Tumut Art Society this month.

A regular printmaking workshop is starting up through the Tumut Art Society, to be held on the first Sunday of every month.

The workshops will commence on Sunday, March 5 from 9.30am to 2.30pm and run throughout the rest of the year, with a high likelihood of continuing after that as well.

They will be run by experienced printmaker Jennifer Crain, who ran a successful one-off workshop earlier this month that triggered these regular classes.

“About 18 people participated and about 14 expressed an interest in something on a regular basis,” Ms Crain explained.

“They ranged from people with a fair bit of experience to those with only the experience of that day, so that was really pleasing.”

Ms Crain plans on focusing on relief printing, which involves using linocut and woodblock techniques, and to respond to the class wishes in terms of what they want to learn from there.

“We’ll be learning how to linocut properly, I’ve got a portable printing press so we can do everything by hand,” she said.

“We may be able to either be visited by another printmaker or go to an exhibition – we just need to look at what’s on for the rest of the year.”

Other techniques covered will include vinyl, and homemade foam stamps.

The classes will cost $35 for Tumut Art Society members and $55 for non-members per month, which includes the 5Ways Studio fee, and Ms Crain will help students with sourcing materials to practice at home.

The group will aim to hold an exhibition at the 5Ways Gallery in October. For more information contact Jennifer Crain at 0412 524 922, or enrol online at