Renovations underway for Tumut River Brewing Co

A photo taken by Donna Longobardi of the Tumut River Brewing Co boys renovating their new venue.

Their plans to move across the road into the Butter Factory building may have fallen through, but an even better option has cropped up for the Tumut River Brewing Co boys.

They are instead taking over the space formerly occupied by the Tumut Valley Tyre Service next door, and renovations are well underway to transform it into the space they had originally envisioned.

“We’ve got the location locked down, our equipment slab was poured at the end of March and a week or so later two containers of shiny new gear arrived from a land far away (China) so that we could start putting our new brewhouse together,” said brewer Tim Martin.

“This location is bigger than the Old Butter Factory we had lined up before and is also in a better location too; two things we thought we couldn’t beat so we’re very happy!”

The new brew house will have eight new fermenters, six 1,200L and two 2,400L. They will have the capacity to do contract brewing, and have also purchased a label maker to print for other boutique brands in the region.

However, the piece of equipment they are most excited about is the new keg washer.

“We have been washing kegs by hand for the last four years now and the more we sell the more we have to wash and as time passes the more laborious it has become so we are exceptionally excited about this particular new piece of kit!” said Tim.

They are planning to build a kitchen, pending approvals, and a new woodfired pizza restaurant for Tumut is still in the works.

“Finances are always going to be the key, but long term that’s definitely the plan,” said Tim.

“However, first and foremost, our focus is on beer and getting our brewhouse operational and (hopefully) 24 of our own beers on tap because beer is what we’re really good at!”

The boys have held off from publicly announcing the move after their last plan fell through. However, they’re feeling pretty confident all the wheels are in motion for this expansion to successfully go ahead.

They do not yet have a date of when they will start trading at the new venue.