Rescue squad puts new equipment to the test

Batlow Rescue Squad volunteers conduct exercises with the new sked stretcher behind Batlow Post Office on Sunday.

The Batlow Rescue Squad put its latest example of state-of-the-art rescue equipment to the test in special exercises in Batlow on Sunday afternoon.

The sked rescue stretcher was bought thanks to a $2000 donation from the Community Foundation for the Tumut Region to the squad. 

The sked is one of the most advanced, capable and versatile stretchers ever produced.

“It is a terrific bit of gear,” Batlow Rescue Squad volunteer David Cotsios said.

“It is made of a plastic composite material and it wraps around the patient and cocoons them. It is lightweight and can get into areas with difficult terrain and confined spaces.

“It can also be used in vertical rescues.”

The Rescue Squad conducted exercises with the sked behind Batlow Post Office on Sunday. 

Nine volunteers took part in the exercises, which included rescuing a ‘patient’ from under a fallen water tank and a vertical rescue. The sked passed with flying colours, and the volunteers will use it with confidence in the future

“It proved its worth,” Mr Cotsios said. 

“It made everything easier.”

The next item on the Rescue Squad’s to-buy list is a floatation kit for the sked, which will allow it to be used in water rescues.