Residents pull on gloves for Clean Up Australia Day

Rural Fire Service Cadet Team Tracey Jones, Jack McQuellin, Tom Cathcart, Jordan Ryan, Gabby Olsen, Olivia Cathcart and Peter Jones. For more Clean Up Australia Day photos see the Tuesday, March 7 edition of the Tumut and Adelong Times.

Tumut, Adelong, and Talbingo residents pulled on the gloves and grabbed the canvas bags last Sunday to participate in Clean Up Australia Day.

Tumut focused on the riverwalk around Pioneer Park, while Adelong Progress Association turned the community’s attention to the creekscape, and Talbingo residents cleaned up the caravan park along Miles Franklin Drive.

There were also private groups getting involved without going through the Snowy Valleys Council’s planned events.

Tumut resident Kevin Brennan said the event made him feel like he was contributing to the community.

“I think it’s a really great thing,” Mr Brennan said.

“I’ve been doing it for the last two years, and you just get this sense that you’ve achieved something.

“Tumut’s a clean town – well I think so – compared to other towns. I spent about five years going around Australia, and some towns are pretty gross…but by doing this we’re increasing it’s beauty even more.”

The Tumut Canoe Club hopped in their boats to paddle down the Tumut River and collect rubbish as they went, the Scouts headed to the Pioneer Cemetery and McFarlane’s Creek Park, and the Rural Fire Service Cadets pitched in at the duck park.

Meanwhile, Pastor Eddie Olsen held a special service at Pioneer Park before the congregation got their gloves dirty with the clean up of the river.

“The Tumut Community Church have a habit of getting involved in projects around town and this is a great example of what they do – hands-on religion out in the community,” said Snowy Valleys Waste and Environment Manager Ken Fletcher.

Everyone then met back up at the barbecue area for a Council hosted barbie at 11.30.

Mr Fletcher said the appeal of the day lay in the fact it was by residents for residents.

“They’re helping take care of their community,” he said.

“This is for the benefit of the people who live here, and they want it to be clean and tidy.

“It’s a feel good event based on helping people understand they need to clean up on their own.”

Mr Fletcher thanked Bellettes Bins for providing the skip bins for the day.