RFS pounce on Gilmore fire

A lightning strike is believed to be the cause of a grass fire between Tumut and Adelong on Tuesday night.

Gilmore and Tumut Rural Fire Brigades were called to Gadara Road, Gadara, where the fire was burning on private land about 1.5km from the Visy pulp mill.

“The crews hit it pretty hard and pretty quick,” Riverina Highlands RFS District Manager Jon Gregory said.

The fire burnt an area of about half a hectare, and the crews had it completely extinguished in about 45 minutes.

“There were probably about 5-600 lighting strikes in the (Riverina Highlands) area and out towards Tarcutta,” Mr Gregory said.

As temperatures soared on Wednesday, both land and aerial RFS units were out patrolling the area to keep an eye out for any other ignitions.

Last summer’s Dunns Road fire was started by a lightning strike at Ellerslie but Mr Gregory believes that due to current moisture and curing levels in the grass, such a fire would not be likely to take off as it did then.