RMS reviews Batlow Road speed limit

Batlow residents have expressed concern with the speed of heavy vehicles travelling Batlow Road as post-fire logging operations continue.

Complaints have surfaced that log trucks are traveling at volumes and speeds the road wasn’t designed for. Transport for NSW is looking into the matter.

“A review of the speed zone on Batlow Road is planned following feedback from the community during last month’s community consultation on proposed safety improvements for the Batlow Road intersection with Snowy Mountains Highway,” said Transport for NSW A/ Regional Director South West Jonathan Tasker.

“Speed was the number one issue raised.”

Batlow orchardist Barney Hyams said log trucks have been traveling along small roads and bridges, which are currently 100km zones. He felt that an 80km speed limit was more suitable

“It’s an issue and obviously the council have a lot of staff shuffling back and forth on that road now, so there’s probably a duty of care issue there,” said Mr Hyams.

“They’ve extended the 80km zone on the west side of Tumut, they’ve extended the 80km zone on the west side of Adelong. If it’s good enough for Adelong and Tumut it’s probably good enough for the road safety around Batlow.”

Mr Hyams said truck drivers aren’t necessarily to blame, because they’re doing what they’re told and face deadlines from their employers, but he said the road is not “suited to purpose” and could prove tragic if not addressed.

“There was a rollover… Fortunately nobody was injured,” he said. “If there happened to be a car or a school bus in the way, it would have been catastrophic.”

Transport for NSW said their full consultation report is expected to be released and made public “in the coming weeks”.