Roald Dahl’s Gloriumptious Birthday

Kids dressed up as animals from the books
Kids dressed up as animals from the books

Over 70 kids from different schools around Tumut turned out on Tuesday for a celebration of beloved author Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday.

The event, held at St Stephen’s Hall, featured six activity stations each based around one of Dahl’s children’s books, from an ‘Enormous Crocodile’ basketball hoop to a Fantastic Mr Fox equivalent of popular kids game duck duck goose.

Event organiser Brook Penfold said the author was well-known for striking a chord with both the young and the young at heart.

“Some adults have even come along without children,” she said. “It’s going really well.”

The event was sponsored by Snowy Hydro, the Blakeney Millar Foundation and the Montreal Community Theatre, as well as from various individual community donations.

Kids were each given a chocolate bar upon arrival with five of them containing a Golden Ticket, referencing what is probably Dahl’s most well-known novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

They could also create a new Dahlesque name based on the first letter of their given and family names, and eat a slice of a Roald Dahl themed cake that came closer to a work of art than to an edible.

The event ran from 3.30pm to 5.00pm, wrapping up with a chorus of the ‘Happy Birthday’ song in honour of the influential writer.

Roald Dahl lived from 1916 to 1990, and published over 250 million copies of books including the BFG, Matilda, and George’s Marvelous Medicine.

Celebrations of his 100th birthday took place in communities around the world this week.