Scene of devastation between Batlow and Tumbarumba

It’s a scene of devastation across large parts of fire-stricken country between Batlow and Tumbarumba.

The Dunns Road fire swept south through the Greenhills State Forest in the early hours of Tuesday morning, before returning north through Laurel Hill on Tuesday. It has continued its advance towards towns today.

It now covers an area stretching some 100km from north-west of Adelong, to south of Tooma.

After conditions eased overnight, fire activity increased this afternoon as temperatures increased and smoke lifted.

The fire remains at watch and act level, but the township of Batlow has been told to remain alert, with the RFS advising of fire activity in the vicinity of Old Tumbarumba Road.

Talbingo residents have also been asked to remain vigilant and the Snowy Mountains Highway was closed again from Adaminaby to Tumut Plains around 4.30pm, due to increased fire activity around Talbingo.

Deputy mayor John Larter is currently stationed in Batlow in his role as a paramedic and said parts of the area had been devastated.

“It’s pretty significant, it’s obvious the intensity of the fire was extreme,” Mr Larter said.

“There are a lot of sheds gone, other buildings flattened. Yet other areas haven’t been touched at all.”

RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said NSW faced potentially more dangerous fire weather Saturday than yesterday, and many in Batlow and Tumbarumba are taking the opportunity to leave those towns in the next couple of days.