Schoolgirl’s heart-felt letter in aid of farmers

Tumut nine-year-old Una Skein and her letter urging schools to hold fundraisers in aid of drought-stricken farmers.

Tumut nine-year-old Una Skein is urging her school – and those across the country – to do their bit to support drought-stricken farmers across NSW by holding a non-uniform day.

Una’s father, Wayne Skein, was blown away when he saw a letter written by his youngest child, pleading with McAuley Catholic Central School “to raise money for our Aussie farmers who are suffering from the terrible drought”.

Una, who has two older siblings, Misha, 11, and Kai, 12, wrote the letter on August 1 and presented it to teachers at school.

She asked that the teachers “please discuss this at your next staff meeting”.

As a Tumut farmer, Wayne has also been doing his fair share of fundraising for those affected by the drought and over the past month, he has raised nearly $6000 at the Southside Farmers Market at Canberra, which he owns and operates.

“I think she must have got some of her inspiration from me,” Wayne said.

“When I come back from the markets I always tell the kids what we have been doing and of course that involves mentioning the fundraising.

“I was so proud of her.

“I had tears in my eyes when I read it; she is only nine and for her to write something like that is unbelievable.

“I hope staff take on board what she said; it is a great idea and I hope other schools in the region and further afield get involved in what could be a national event,” he said.

Wayne posted a photo of the letter on Facebook on August 6 and the post has received over 150 likes, 51 comments and over 80 shares.

This should go someway to achieving Una’s goal: “Teachers I am just wondering if we could share this idea all across Australia to all the schools to help our drought stricken farmers”.

When asked about the letter, Una turned attention off of her and instead reiterated her passion for helping the farmers.

“I just want farmers across Australia to get help, I know how hard it can be,” Una said.

“I also hope lots of schools support this and raise money to support our struggling farmers.

“I saw some footage on tv with hungry stock and how upset some farmers were,” she said.

Wayne has not yet heard from McAuley as to whether they intend to put Una’s plan in action.