School’s out for Tumut High School Year 12

Shanae Freeman, Julia Day, Drue Russell and Brhiannon Perrin collecting funds for Tumut High School’s annual muck-up day fundraiser.

SIX unforgettable years came to an end for the year 12 students of Tumut High School on Friday, and they bid a heartfelt and entertaining farewell to their school.

Principal Don Dixon was first to pay tribute to the students.

“Much has happened in the past thirteen years to prepare you for life after school,” he said.

“You have done amazing things and overcome incredible challenges. You should be happy with the legacy you leave behind.

The integrity in your actions shows who you are, and in the last week you have shown what integrity looks like.

I hope you all do well, but ultimately the HSC will never define who you are.”

Year 12 adviser Rob O’Brien also spoke from the heart to and about the students.

“You thought this time would last forever; now you realize it’s gone so fast,” he said.

“You need to hold onto those memories, because you’re not coming back, we are changing the locks.

I hope you are prepared for tomorrow, for the challenges you strong people will face.

I hope we have prepared you enough.

Be proud of how far you have come, and be hopeful about your future.”

School captain Jarrod Casey encouraged everyone to “try something new and find out who you want to be.”

Fellow school captain Breanna Fisher thanked the students and staff, especially Mr O’Brien.

“We would not be the people we are if not for you,” she said.

“Year 12, we’ve finally done it. It’s been a hell of a ride. Strive for your dreams and don’t give up.

Don’t be like the toilet paper that didn’t cross the road because it got stuck in the crack. Get on the highway of life.”

Later, groups of year 12 students took to the streets of Tumut and collected funds for RU OK?

The first HSC exam will be held October 16.