Science on side of fluoride

Sir, – I am writing in regards to the article in the T&A times about the Fluoride debate.

I have been in the dental industry for about 20 years, employed in a private dental practice as a dental nurse. My employer came to Tumut in 1992 from Sydney where he had practised for 20-plus years.

Over the years of working along side him, he would periodically express to me that compared to his Sydney patients, Tumut’s patients have rampant tooth decay and it was very clear to him the reason was because Tumut’s water supply was not fluoridated.

On a personal level, I grew up on a farm where our only water supply was rain water from a tank. From a very young age my mother religiously every day gave myself and my two brothers fluoride tablets. To this day (I am now 41) I have never had a dental cavity.

During my years of dental nursing, I have to say, whenever a small child was presented to us with rampant tooth decay in agonising pain because an abscess had formed on the tooth, it was absolutely heart breaking to experience. I’m talking of children of just three and four years of age. When a tooth becomes this infected, it is beyond help and therefore the only thing that can be done is to extract the tooth. Can you imagine how traumatising that must be for such a small child? Often this will psychologically scar them for life.

I have been to Mrs Denbesten’s Facebook page and in my opinion she is sourcing articles and information from the internet that are for the most part just conspiracy theories. Sure, what the articles are implying are very frightening, but they just are not true.

I will provide a link sourced from the Australian Dental Association for you to have a read through. In my opinion it is an article that is factual, from people who know what they are talking about.

Mrs Denbesten is quoting from articles she has sourced from the internet, “Fluoridation of water supplies is mass medication with non pharmaceutical grade chemical-toxic waste from aluminium and fertiliser manufacturers”. That’s just coming from conspiracy theorists I believe. This type of rubbish creates hysteria, which is what they want.

Councils who fluoridate their township’s water supply are not doing it to “mass medicate” without consent, they are doing it to provide for the good and wellbeing of their community. Mrs Denbesten and her minority supporters could always install a water filter to their water supply, or just buy bottled unfluoridated water.

She says in the T&A times that she “urges people to have their say publicly or suffer the ongoing consequences”. Just what are these ongoing consequences Mrs Denbesten? All I can see is that the consequences being to aid in the fight against dental decay … and with a society ever more indulging in sugary soft drinks, energy drinks and sugary food, we need all the help we can get. I’m sure we are all well aware that dental treatment is expensive, so to prevent having to have expensive treatment it makes sense to me to fluoridate our towns water supply to help try and fight the battle against tooth decay.

I hope that the Australian Dental Association link will help in providing factual information for you….perhaps Mrs Denbesten should post that link to her Fluoride Action facebook page, so her supporters can see both sides to her very one sided passionate anti-fluoride activism.


Kylie Wood