SES still seeking controllers

THE State Emergency Service is still on the lookout for a Local Controller and Deputy Local Controller for the Tumut, Tumbarumba and Khancoban units, four months after advertising the positions.

“Yes we are still looking for people to fill these positions,” SES Murray Region Controller Bernard Kates said. “It needs to be sorted out; we need to fix it.

Things have been ticking along but we need to be more active. We have unit controllers for the three units but what we need is overall strategic leadership.”

Mr Kates confirmed that that they had held a “couple of interviews” with candidates for the two jobs, but hadn’t found anyone suitable.

“There are a couple of people who are probably suitable, but it is a matter of persuasion,” Mr Kates said.

“We are still working on it.”

The positions arose due to the merger of the Tumut and Tumbarumba Shires.

“The SES had Local Controllers in both locations and after the amalgamation we only require one (plus a deputy), so the fairest way to make the appointment was to conduct a recruitment and merit selection process,” Mr Kates previously told the Tumut and Adelong Times.

“The Local Controller and Deputy Local Controller will support the three Units by providing leadership at the strategic level.

Unit Controllers have their hands full in managing the day-to-day business of running their Unit, but there is more that needs to be done above that in order to develop and maintain operational capability across the Snowy Valleys Council area as a whole.

Likewise when the Units are operational, responding to emergency incidents, the Unit Controllers are busy dealing with the impacts in their own local areas, but there is a need to maintain a strategic overview to ensure a coordinated response, and that resources are directed to the appropriate places.”

The Local and Deputy Local Controller will be supported by the full time staff at Region Headquarters, in Wagga Wagga for the Tumut unit and Albury for the Tumbarumba and Khancoban units.