Shadow cabinet meeting scheduled for Tumut

NSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay speaking with Member for Wagga Wagga Joe McGirr, Shadow Minister for Natural Resources Paul Scully and Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs Mick Veitch.

While visiting Tumut last Friday, NSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay announced that Labor’s Shadow Cabinet will hold it’s first rural meeting of 2020 in Tumut on February 11 at the request of Snowy Valleys Council Mayor James Hayes.

“I made a commitment when I took over as Labor leader that we would be a party for rural and regional NSW, so we are taking our Shadow Cabinet around the state and our first meeting will be held here in Tumut,” Ms McKay said.

“I know that this area has gone through a very difficult time, but in the midst of all that we have an incredibly proactive Mayor in James Hayes whose doing a terrific job and realises that the spotlight needs to be on this community both from a government side and an opposition side, and of course both levels of government.”

Ms McKay thanked Mayor Hayes for the invitation, and explained that the February 11 event is not just a meeting, but a chance for Labor MPs to listen to the community.

“We’ll have our Shadow Ministers, our Health, our Education, our Law and Order, our Environment, we’ll be having Tourism, Small Business, Natural Resources, Rural Roads – you name it.

“All those Shadows will be here listening to what the community has to tell us. And it means that the community here in Snowy Valleys right across the community has direct input into the decisions we will make as a Labor Party.”

Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs Mick Veitch also visited Tumut on Friday, and said he is very glad that his Shadow Ministerial colleagues will be coming to his hometown Tumut next month.

“It is important that Shadow Ministers actually hear first-hand one, the experiences, but two, the constructive suggestions on the way forward coming out of these fires from local residents; people in Tumbarumba, people in Batlow, people in Talbingo and Adelong.

“It’s really important that the community engage with the Shadow Cabinet when they’re here, so the Shadow Cabinet Ministers understand and appreciate what we all went through,” Mr Veitch said.

Cr James Hayes thanked the NSW Labor MP’s for taking up his invitation and coming to the Snowy Valleys.

“I look forward to those Shadow Cabinet Ministers getting out into the community, going to places like Tumbarumba, Batlow, Talbingo, Adelong and this town of Tumut, and to see on the ground, first-hand, the issues we’re facing in the Snowy Valleys,” he said.