Shadow rural roads minister airs crash hotspot at estimates

There was another prang, this time only minor, at the intersection of the Gocup Road and Snowy Mountains Highway on Friday.

Shadow Minister for Rural Roads and Rural Affairs, Mick Veitch MLC, raised the issue of the crash-prone Snowy Mountains Highway, Capper Street and Gocup Road intersection on Monday at a Regional Transport and Roads Budget Estimate Hearing.

It was a timely intervention, given the intersection had just a couple of days prior been the scene of yet another crash.

“There is no line delineation at that intersection,” Mr Veitch said.

“You come up the Gocup Road and you do not know that you have to give way at this intersection.

“Seriously, people think they are on a main road coming up the Gocup Road. They do not know that they are about to hit the Snowy Mountains Highway and they are actually going to have to give way.

“As they come around the corner to the intersection they cannot see until it is too late. They just shoot across.

“Until something is done with the intersection—a roundabout or whatever—there needs to be regular marking of the road pavement so people know they either have to stop or give way.”

He requested for someone to take on notice to go and observe the intersection, particularly because the harvesting of burnt timber is going to increase the amount of heavy vehicles along the connecting roads.

Rodd Staples, Secretary for Transport for NSW, took the issue on notice.

“I think all I can do today is acknowledge the issue you have raised and the concerns around that,” Mr Staples said.

“We will take it on notice and give some sort of response, but in the meantime we will also get the people down in that region to have a look at that.”

Wes Fang MLC was unable to provide any specific details of what work may occur at the intersection, but said: “along with a number of roads in the area, we are constantly looking at how we can improve safety at roads and intersections.

“Mr Staples is returning with an answer on notice [and this] is an encouraging sign that the issue will be further progressed,” Mr Fang said.

In January of 2019, the state government announced that $1.8 million would be provided to install traffic lights at the intersection, though its understood the RMS is now looking at alternative improvement ideas to the lights proposal.

The intersection accounts for a high proportion of the town’s accidents.

Another collision occurred at the Gocup Road-Snowy Mountains Highway intersection last Friday afternoon.

The latest collision occurred at about 5.30pm last Friday, with fire, police and ambulance units responding.

It is understood a Lexus station wagon, being driven by a Cowra woman with her husband in the passenger seat, entered the intersection from Gocup Road, colliding with a Mazda dual cab ute being driven by a Tumut woman.

The people involved in the accident were treated at the scene, but none were taken to hospital.

The Lexus was towed from the scene and the Mazda was driven from the scene.