Simulator boosts Tumut health professionals’ skills

Rural and Remote Simulation Educator Kat Blake, Tumut Health Service Clinical Nurse Educator Kellie Oddy, Clinical Midwife Lisa Ferguson, midwife Paula Olsen, Registered Nurse Angela Damm, student nurse Jessica Robinson and Murrumbidgee LHD Clinical Midwife Consultant Nareele Heckendorf with Molly the maternity mannequin at Tumut Hospital on Wednesday.

THE staff of Tumut District Hospital refined their skills and knowledge with the help of the Rural Mobile Simulation Centre last week.

The centre is usually housed in a semi-trailer, but it was not able to park at the hospital due to its location on a hill.

Everything in the semi-trailer was moved into the hospital, where it has provided valuable training for the doctors, nurses, paramedics and other health professionals.

The centre arrived on Tuesday and departs after its final sessions today.

“We are using mannequins, technology and actors to simulate patients to train and develop the skills of the staff,” Rural and Remote Simulation Educator Kat Blake said.

“Everyone is really enjoying it.

It is technology they don’t normally have access to in Tumut, it is usually more centrally located. The education and training is relevant to how they work here.”

On Tuesday, the focus was on deterioration amongst patients, including the management of trauma patients with illness or injury caused by farming or motor vehicle accidents.

On Wednesday, the maternity simulator was being used to train the nurses and midwives team for some of the situations that arise, and on Thursday, care for the elderly and issues specifically dealing with that section of the population were the focus.

“It is all about skill maintenance,” Ms Blake said.

“It is a mixture of presentation, immersive simulation and task training. It’s done with a crawl, walk, run format with the laying of a foundation, practicing and skills put together.”

The simulator began its tour of Murrumbidgee Local Health District centres four weeks ago and it will finish the week before Christmas.