Smoke from Cooma blaze

Smoke haze on the hills around Tumut
Smoke haze on the hills around Tumut

The smoke and haze which can be seen around the Tumut Shire today comes largely as a result of the  Murrumbucca bushfire burning near Shannons Flat Road 20km north of Cooma.

The blaze erupted in private forest and grasslands on Friday January 31, at 1.35pm and has remained active since, now having spread to 2095 hectares.

Overnight firefighers worked to contain the fire and to control a couple of spot fires which came as a result of the smoke and embers being blown in a north easterly direction toward the Mt Oak Community, near Bredbo.

Although one such spot fire got away, it has been controlled.

Last night’s light rain and today’s cooled conditions have reduced the flame activity but failed to put out the fire.

The ACT Fire Service, The National Parks and Wildlife Service and rural fires services of the Cooma-Monaro area are all on site containing the blaze which is said to be now well within containment lines and largely inactive.

Six aircrafts are however in place to waterbomb two spot fires which flared up this morning in the Western section of the fire and to assist with the containment of the rest of the fire.

According to the RFS, smoke will continue to be visible throughout the day there is currently no direct threat to property. Crews will also patrol the fireground throughout the day to remove hazardous trees.

The RFS advises residents in the area to put their Bush Fire Survival Plan into action and to stay updated with the bush fire situation by checking, listening to your local radio station or by calling the NSW RFS Bush Fire Information Line on 1800 679 737.