Snowy Mountains shoot to proceed

Tumut Clay Target Club High Gun and Double Barrel Handicap Champion for September was Damian Rowett of Cootamundra. Photo: Andrew Roberts.

Tumut’s Clay Target Club is again preparing for its major spring shooting carnival as it completes plans for the annual Snowy Mountains Trap Shooting Carnival being held October 10 and 11.  

“This year’s carnival preparation has not been without its challenges,” TCTC president Lloyd McPherson said.

“With the Covid-19 situation impacting upon travel and community sport gatherings.”

The Club has a rigorous Covid-19 plan in place and have an assertive Covid-19 marshall to ensure compliance.  

“Fortunately, Clay Target shooting is a non-contact sport and enjoys natural physical separation with each of the shooting positions at a minimum separation of 3 metres and extending beyond 4 metres at the scratch handicap mark of 25 metres,” McPherson remarked.

The club reopened for competition shooting in July following closure during the bushfires and then the onset of Covid-19 and has held monthly competition since.  

“TCTC are following the NSW Health Department Covid-19 guidelines; this is well known across our participants and they are doing the right thing,” McPherson said.

“Participant enquiry upon our Snowy Mountains Trap Shooting Carnival has been stronger than prior years, some wanting to know if it was happening and others with more specific questions about the weekend.  

“Interstate participants’ fate will be determined by the broader border crossing situation, each year we have had competitor representation from Victoria and Queensland; it will be sad for them to miss out, but this is simply beyond our control.”

McPherson didn’t believe the potential absence of Victorians wouldn’t lessen the standard of competition of the annual event. 

“The absence of an interstate component certainly won’t erode the standard of competition as we have plenty of first-class competitors in our local shooting capture zone prior to considering those from the balance of regional NSW,” McPherson said. 

“Competition depth down through the grades A, B and C and all section, including veteran, lady and junior has always been strong at Tumut; our local members are ready and looking forward to the weekend’s competition.”

McPherson concluded that the only casualty thus far for the weekend is the club’s annual dinner, which is truly disappointing as the opportunity to again showcase the regions game and fare has been lost.

TCTC secretary Adam Yan outline what the Snowy Mountains carnival would include. 

“The Snowy Mountains Trap Carnival will consist of three separate competitions that will test the marksmanship skills of all involved,” Yan said.

“We will commence with a 25-target handicap match.  Handicap matches are where competitors are distance ranked from the target release point, ranging from 15 to 25m and seeing a disproportionate increase in difficulty the further away from the release point a competitor is.”

The next match is a 75-target medley championship.  All competitors will compete from the 15m mark and are assigned into AA, A, B or C grades based on their long-term performance.  

The medley will consist of three equal rounds, but each of a differing degree of difficulty.  

The first round will be double barrel, meaning two attempts available to break the target and of equal 1-point scoring value.  

The next round is single barrel which means only one attempt to score the one point available for each of the 25 targets.  

The last round is pointscore; this is where a competitor scores three points for a first attempt hit and two points if the target is broken with the second attempt.  Naturally an unbroken target again fails to score. 

Sunday’s match is the prestigious Snowy Mountains Ton Championship, consisting of 100 targets double barrel.  “It’s a real test of sustained marksmanship and concentration, the nearer you get to the 100 mark without miss the more intense the pressure becomes, this is what splits competitors into their respective grades,” Yan said. 

“Because of the stature of the championship, section prizes for the best veteran, lady and junior competitor are also awarded.”

At the conclusion of the weekend, competitor scores are tallied over all three matches and prizes awarded to the best overall score as well as the best in each grade and section. 

The last prize of the weekend will be the lucky shooter draw.

Recent competition results


Event 1 – 15 pair double rise

AA: Don Power 28/30, Aaron Jones 27/30, Adam Yan 26/30

A: Peter Scobie & Peter Lonergan 23/30, Lloyd McPherson 19/30

B: Jye Baker 23/30, Theresa Lonergan 22/30, Michael Rouse & Bruce Mayo 20/30

C: Matt White 19/30, Andrew Roberts 15/30, Kerry White 10/30

Event 2 – 50 target double barrel championship

Overall: Brad Kidd 118/118

AA: Adam Yan 117/118, Ben Woodhouse 108/109

A: Peter Lonergan 46/50, Lloyd McPherson 48/53

B: Theresa Lonergan 46/50, Bruce Mayo 44/50

C: Andrew Roberts 42/50, Kerry White 40/50

Event 3 – 25 double barrel handicap

First: Grant Thatcher (25m) 45/45

Second: Don Power (25m) 44/45

Third: Brad Kidd (25m) 26/27

August High gun

Overall: Don Power 102/105

Best unplaced Lady: Helen Woodhouse

Best unplaced Veteran: David Caccioppoli


Event 1 – 15 target pointscore handicap

First Damien Rowett (21m), Bruce Mayo (17m), Jye Baker (17m) & Don Power (25m) all 41/45

Event 2 – 100 target double barrel handicap 

First: Damien Rowett (21m) 96/100

Second Jye Baker (17m) 94/100

Third: Phil Green (25m) 93/100

September Highgun

Overall: Damien Rowett 138/145

Best unplaced veteran: Bruce Mayo 131/150