St Joseph’s goes red for cystic fibrosis

Forty-nine students at St Joseph’s Primary School in Adelong helped raise money for cystic fibrosis last Friday, thanks to a fundraiser organised by school captain Eliza Roche.

St Joseph’s invites the captain each year to organise a fundraiser and Eliza said the idea for a red-outfit and crazy hair day was put together at her Nan’s table.

“My little cousin has cystic fibrosis and we thought it would be a good idea,” she explained.

Eliza said her baby cousin Jack was born in March with cystic fibrosis. After deciding to hold the fundraiser for cystic fibrosis, she asked her aunt for help planning the event and from there they decided on crazy hair (because it’s fun) and the colour red.

“Red symbolises happiness,” said Eliza.

Since exercise is good for people with cystic fibrosis, Eliza also planned some active afternoon activities including an egg and spoon race, sack races and a three-legged race and for the students to make a rose – the official symbol for cystic fibrosis fundraising.

“A little kid who had it couldn’t say cystic fibrosis,” said Eliza.

The day was a great success, with all the kids participating in the fundraising and awareness efforts. Eliza said she was pleased with how it was going, capping off a great year as school captain. Next year, Eliza will be heading off to boarding school in Sydney, which she said she was excited about.

“I’m nervous about leaving Mum and Dad and the boys,” she said, “But really excited to be going somewhere I haven’t been before.”

St Joseph’s next big fundraiser will be planned by fellow school captain Hugh Reynolds.