Streckfuss tees off for three-peat

Nathan Streckfuss is ready to tee off for a chance to win his third straight Tumut Open.

Tumut golfer Nathan Streckfuss will be shooting for his third straight Tumut Open when he tees off at 8.36am tomorrow morning, ahead of what should be an enthralling two-day event. 

The 38-year-old lifted the trophy in 2018 and 2019 and said it would mean a lot to do it again at Tumut Golf Club this weekend. 

“It would definitely mean a lot being a local competition, it’s always good to win those ones close to home,” Streckfuss said. 

“I’m playing pretty good at the moment and I just need to beat the few local boys that are going well.”

Of those players to beat, Streckfuss had local legend and seven-time Tumut Open winner, Keith Dehnert as his toughest opponent. 

“If I had to choose one, it would probably be Keith Dehnert, he is always striking it pretty good,” Streckfuss said. 

“David Wilde and probably Charles Talbot will go good too, they are both good players and capable of winning.”

Funnily enough, Streckfuss finished with a wet sail last year to beat Dehnert, who had a comfortable lead after the first 18 holes, before capitulating on the second day.

“I was sort of a couple behind him after the first round, then I had a good second round and he blew out a little bit and I got him in the end,” Streckfuss said.

Streckfuss, who is currently playing off plus two, said his preparation for a third-straight title would essentially stay the same. 

“I treat it the same way, I come out here about an hour before teeing off and start warming the back up; I’m getting a little older now,” Streckfuss laughed. 

“I just try and play my usual game.”

Despite the recent rain, the local golfer said Tumut was playing fairly and looked picturesque ahead of the club’s feature event. 

“It’s playing good and with this little bit of rain, it’s really greened it up and the greens were cored about a month or so ago and they are rolling good,” Streckfuss said. 

Streckfuss explained the Tumut Golf Course could be a fickle challenge for visiting players, which is why the trophy often stayed in local hands. 

“It does help knowing the course, I’ve been here seven years now and it’s taken a while to master the greens, and I think I’ve mastered them now, so it’s definitely an advantage,” Streckfuss said. 

“There are a few holes here that can get you unstuck, so you need to focus.”

Club president, Geoff Brain believed the upcoming forecast of rain would not stop the Tumut Open going ahead either. 

“Unless we get massive downpours on Friday and Saturday, we should be good,” Brain said. 

“The course is fabulous, it really is. It’s playing long, but the greens are great, they are a little slow but in really good health.”

Brain explained that there were over 100 registered golfers taking on the event too, with the club currently boasting 110 competitors, with the first tee time at 8.04am on Saturday. 

“I think we will get our usual 100 plus regardless of the weather, the guys from Warren are itching to play some golf and the locals want to win their own event,” Brain said.