Strong take-up of vaccine

Dr Thi Tran with the Astra Zeneca vaccine at Tumut’s Connection Medical Centre.

The Tumut community is responding en masse to the call to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Connection Medical Centre’s Dr Thi Tran said she vaccinated nearly 150 people with the Astra Zeneca on Saturday, when the centre remained open as a vaccination clinic.

Dr Tran said that since an article appeared in the Tumut and Adelong Times in which she implored people in the community to get vaccinated, there had been a huge response of people booking in for the jab.

“We will have the Pfizer vaccine in the next two to three weeks,” she said.

This will be suitable for those as young as 12.

“People have put their name down and we will call them once it comes in,” she said.

The Connection does not normally open on a weekend but Dr Tran said she wanted to see as many people as possible in Tumut vaccinated.

“A lot of people can’t come in on weekdays because they are working, she said.

“Last week we gave 280 injections, and we think it is really good for people to keep up to date with the latest news on Covid-19. The only way to deal with the virus is to get vaccinated.”

She said busloads of Snowy Hydro employees had been coming in to get vaccinations.

“We also have Batlow fruit pickers. We have people of all different ages and backgrounds. “They all see the benefit of getting the injection. So far we don’t have anyone who has had serious side-effects.”

For those concerned about the vaccine for any reason, Dr Tran encourages them to talk to their GP.

“Your GP knows you well and can give you the right advice and answer your questions about vaccination,” she said.

The number of people getting vaccinated at the Connection is getting bigger every week.

“Everyone should have it (the vaccination) and the sooner the better, for their own benefit and for that of the community,” she said.

“If the whole town is protected if or when it comes here, we will not have to worry about deaths.”

Fitzroy Street Medical Centre has been busy dispensing the Pfizer vaccine, sutiable for those aged between 123 and 59.

“It has been a really good uptake,” Practice Nurse Manager Julie Schroder.

The practice administered 102 vaccinations on Friday, and expect to do 150 today.

“Since the latest outbreak, it has really taken off,” Mrs Schroder said.

“The community here have been great in getting vaccines.”