Sudden death semi awaits juniors

Tumut winger Hunter Lee is barrelled out by Gundagai defenders earlier this season.

The Tumut Blues under 18s will be playing sudden death rugby league for the rest of the season, starting with the Gundagai Tigers at McDonalds Park on Saturday. 

In what should be another enthralling episode of this growing rivalry, both sides are coming off an epic 28-all draw at Anzac Park last Saturday, whilst Tumut got the upper hand way back in round one with a close 22-16 victory at Twickenham. 

Saturday’s fixture promises to be just as exciting, with both sides aiming to progress through to the second week of the finals. 

Blues coach Jon Burgun said his side could win the game, especially after draws with leading sides Gundagai and Brothers in the previous two weeks. 

“I am confident my boys can win; they just need to do the little things right. They need to look after their footy and get into good ball situations and have faith in their structures,” Burgun said. 

“I believed from the get go that they were a big chance in the competition, they have competed well against all of these sides and their effort is great, it’s just those little areas they need to get right.”

The areas Burgun speak of relate to discipline, especially ball control and penalties; two features of Tumut’s game that have caused the coaching staff headaches this season. 

“We’ll be working on the same stuff we have been working on for the last six weeks. We will try and fix those discipline issues and stop giving away penalties,” Burgun said. 

“They are playing really well but they are giving away eight to ten sets a game and it hurts us. They just need to play good discipline footy.”

Despite a few challenges, Tumut have showcased their potential this season and have proven that they are capable of going all the way in the Weissel Cup competition.  

“They’re upbeat and excited about making finals. It is a credit to the playing group, they have done very well this season,” Burgun said. 

Ahead of the Blues tomorrow, is a well-rounded Tigers outfit, and Burgun said there is one player his side will need to shut down. 

“They are pretty strong across the park and played well last weekend with some good disciplined footy,” Burgun said. 

“They revolve around Jake Hay; he has a good kicking game, and he is smart player, so my boys need to heavily pressure him and not give him any room and time with the football.”

Kick-off: 10.45am