Take a bow, Tumut Takes 2

Anna Thomas and Kate Osgood brought Blondie to the Montreal Theatre. For more photos of Tumut Takes 2 please see the Friday, June 16, edition of the Tumut and Adelong Times.

Tumut locals were in for a treat last Friday and Saturday nights, as the two performances of Tumut Takes 2 finally rolled around.

The show opened with an infectious energy, as Megan Gould and Jordan Frail rapped the Black Eyed Pea’s ‘Let’s Get it Started,’ before Sue Bulger and Helen Russell came out for a soulful, classy performance of ‘I Can’t Help Myself.’

Trina Thomson and Robin Reid introduced a splash of comedy with their rendition of ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz,’ before Laura Rampling and Simon Rossato belted out an enthusiastic version of the song no one can sit still for: Footloose. Their performance was worthy of the cheesy classic, with Simon doing an admirable job of keeping up with the camp of born star Laura.

Will Reynolds and Tash Fitzsimmons delivered a sweet and hilarious rendition of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing,’ with an M-Rated superman costume for Will. The epic song soundtracked a heart-melting slideshow of Adelong Preschool kids, no doubt encouraging the audience to open their wallets and ensure Will and Tash’s donation buckets were full. Then, as a finishing touch, they topped it off with a special guest – a real life child, matching Will and Tash’s superhero outfits with adorable flair.

Jess Crossman and Cooryna Ackroyd were evidently having a lot of fun, and if these two aren’t great friends outside of TT2 then they’ve got to be greatest actors in Tumut. Their funny and flirty performance of ‘I Want You to Want Me,’ which involved a sexy cardboard cut-out, left even meanie Hugh Packard without a valid criticism.

Next, Kate Osgood and Anna Thomas oozed rock star glamour for a cocky rendition of ‘One Way or Another.’ Their excellent song choice was backed up by their excellent vocals – it really does seem unfair that they are both fantastic singers, with either one of them being able to pass for either a personality or a mentor.

Jemima Saunders and Jimmy Goode’s ‘Hit the Road Jack’ was full of heart. Tumut really does have some wonderful creative talents here, and Jemima with her show-stopping voice is ranked highly among them. Jimmy, meanwhile, packed more gusto into the words ‘What You Say’ than most people are capable of coming up with for entire songs.

Len Connolly and Heidi Casey got the audience involved for their lively ‘Shout’ – as host Greg Kabar said afterwards, “I feel reborn after that!”

Emma Peacock and Emily Post were a joy to watch for ‘Land of 1000 Dances’ (better known perhaps as the ‘na na na’ song). They were funky, funny, and full of life, and got the whole Tumut Pharmacy staff involved via a video played on the projector. If these two decide to break out as a comedy duo after this, they’d make money.

Some of the best performances of the night, however, didn’t come from the listed performers. Each singing duo was backed up by the energetic and professional dancers of Tumut Dance Academy and Evolution Dance Centre. The dancers had clearly worked hard to prepare their routines and on Friday and Saturday it paid off – they stole the show.

The concerts also couldn’t have happened without the talented band and back-up singers, who ensured the electric atmosphere that well-executed live music brings. It would be remiss not to mention the Tumut and Adelong Times’ own Greg Kabar, who was a natural host with clever banter and topical throwaway lines to keep the audience giggling between sets.

The show in general is extremely well put-together, with every detail taken care of by the organisers. Everyone should involved should be extremely proud of themselves, and also prepared – expectations will be high for next year!