Take a walk in her shoes

Event organisers Helen Russell and Sue Bulger. Fore more photos of Take a Walk in Her Shoes see the Tuesday, May 23, edition of the Tumut and Adelong Times.

Those driving on the route from the library to the Tumut River Brewing Co on Sunday would likely have witnessed a strange sight – men and women walking purposefully down the road in high heels.

They were participating in the ‘Take a walk in her shoes’ event, a Tumut Takes 2 fundraiser for the Women’s Refuge, organised by Helen Russell and Sue Bulger.

Tumut Regional Family Services Manager Deb Sturt said it was touching that the event had been organised to help their vulnerable clients.

“It’s really great, we’re always stoked when someone flags us as a charity to fundraise for,” she said.

“Every little bit helps!”

But organiser and Tumut Takes 2 mentor Helen Russell said the decision was an easy one.

“They’re such a great organisation, and so under-appreciated for what they do,” she said.

Helen said she was a bit disappointed in the turnout – about 15 people participated in the fundraiser, which culminated in a sausage sizzle at the brewery – but said her and Sue were viewing it as a practice run for future years.

“We think we’ll make it an annual thing, and probably do it for International Women’s Day rather than a Tumut Takes 2 event,” she said.

“It’s a great idea, and this way we’ll have some more time to plan and budget, and hopefully it’ll go from there.”

The money raised by Helen and Sue for Tumut Takes 2 will go towards starter packs for the women who stay at the refuge, with items like linen, towels, and other necessities.