Talbingo impacted by fire

A view of Talbingo, looking out from the supermarket.

Talbingo residents were evacuated to the Country Club at one stage today as the Dunns Road bushfire was elevated to emergency level.

Resident Frank Snow recounted the moments during and after the bushfire moved past Talbingo.

“You could hear the fire roar but there wasn’t much we could do,” Mr Snow said.

“Afterwards, it was just very smokey outside and we were left sitting in the club.”

Mr Snow, who has since left the Talbingo Country Club so he can defend his property from any ember attacks, thought the loss of property has not been extensive, while noting his assessment is not definitive.

“There is a small house that is gone but I haven’t seen anything else,” Mr Snow said.

Social media reports suggested that there had been widespread damage to the town, including the local church and other buildings; a claim that Mr Snow could not confirm.

“I just drove past the church and it’s still standing,” Mr Snow laughed.

“Social media can be a dangerous thing, how would anybody know what’s happened up here unless you live up here.”

Mr Snow isn’t concerned about Talbingo facing the possibility of the fire returning tonight with a southerly changed forecast later in the evening.

“There’s nothing left to burnt around us, it’s all back,” Mr Snow said.

“I’m not too worried.”

The RFS is advising the fire is still at an emergency level and that it is too late to leave the town.

They ask that residents still seek shelter in a solid structure as the fire approaches and to be alert for embers blown ahead of the fire than can create spot fires and threaten properties before the main front arrives.