Talbingo kids to sing on a national stage

Talbingo Public School ALPSS choir members Joshua Smith, Ryan Sloggett and Daniel Smith.

THREE students from tiny Talbingo Public School will take to the big stage in Sydney as part of the Schools Spectacular later in the month.

Joshua Smith (year 6), his brother Daniel Smith, (year 5) and Ryan Sloggett (year 4) are part of the ALPSS (Alpine Learning Partnership Small Schools) choir which will perform in the Schools Spectacular at Qudos Bank Arena on Friday and Saturday, 24 and 25 November.

It’s a 14-strong team of students from Talbingo, Cabramurra, Khancoban, Rosewood and Humula Public Schools.

They performed together at Just Singing at the Montreal Theatre and at the end of term one this year, they sent a DVD of this performance as an audition to School Spectacular organisers, and were accepted.

“For such a small town and school, it is huge to be performing on a big stage in Sydney, so it will be interesting to see how they go,” Talbingo Public principal Raylee Levey said.

Principal Levey and Lynne French, Principal of Humula Public, will be accompanying the 14 students.

“They have been to Sydney before, in an excursion two years ago,” Principal Levey said. Josh Smith said he’s “very excited” to be appearing on a national stage.

“We’ve been practicing since the start of term,” he said. “We’ll be singing You Will Be Found, Flash Bang Wallop and Doctor Feelgood.”

So, who does he think has the best voice of the three Talbingo boys?

“I don’t know, I’d like to say mine,” he said. His brother Daniel said he was nervous, but looking forward to the big occasion, although he doesn’t think he will pursue singing beyond school.

“Probably not; it is just a fun thing and I will enjoy it for a while, but only at school,” he said. Ryan said he was excited and “a bit nervous.”

“I like singing; I’ve always liked it,” he said.

Principal Levey said Talbingo Public will have to leave its best singer behind.

“Our best singer is Seth Doidge, and he’s devastated he can’t go,” she said.

“He’s in year 2, and they are only taking years 4, 5 and 6 students.”

However, she’s not ruling out getting him involved when he’s old enough.

“If I’m still keen we’ll see how we go,” she said.

The 14 ALPSS students will joining over 5700 student performers, including a choir of 2,700 voices, 2,400 dancers, a 100-piece symphony orchestra, world-class stage band, 44 solo singers, d’Arts Ensemble and hundreds of dancers. – Josh Gidney