Talbingo MTB jumping into the future

Talbingo mountain bike enthusiast, Josh Smith, gets some air when taking advantage of the new Talbingo MTB skills park.

Talbingo Mountain Bike (MTB) Club is officially open for business, with their skills park and foreshore trail already attracting a multitude of eager mountain bike enthusiasts over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. 

Talbingo MTB president, Stuart Guy, confirmed the skills park and foreshore trail was ready to be used before explaining they had been very popular with both locals and visitors.

“The skills park is open and running and it has been getting a lot of use, especially over the recent holiday period,” Guy said. 

“There are people on it all the time and you are seeing anyone from kids on little strider bikes, right through to adults, who look to be enjoying it too.”

The current facilities were projects 12 months in the making, which saw the quick construction of a skills park, which is designed to help riders get used to the upcoming trails, while the foreshore trail is a great little introduction to other trails destined to come. 

“The part of the big plan is that the skills park and the foreshore trail were built as a progression so people can get their skills up so they can ride bigger and better tracks that we will have in the future,” Guy said.  

“The foreshore trail is all the way from the skills park to the T3 power station, it’s 6km long and a 12km round trip off road. 

“It is a beginner track, bordering on intermediate, and just about anyone can do it and the best thing is that anyone can drop in and out of it anywhere along the road.”

Guy was the first to admit that the entire process had been challenging at the least, but was proud to say that club and community members had freed up their time to get the initial projects completed. 

“It has been challenging but we have been going at a million miles an hour and a lot of us have been using a lot of down time to get these projects completed,” Guy said. 

“The community is invested and there is always someone out there from the community or the club doing something on the track.”

Construction of the Talbingo MTB foreshore trail.

The completion and automatic popularity of the skills park and foreshore trail has Guy excited for what the future holds for Talbingo MTB, with the club working on grand plans to have some very big tracks completed in 12-24 months. 

“I’m unbelievably excited, it’s awesome and absolutely fantastic,” Guy said. 

“We have been thinking about this for years and knowing Talbingo has the perfect topography to build a project like this was exciting enough, and now it’s getting close to coming to fruition; it’s just so exciting.”

In what could very well sure up the future of Talbingo, and other mountain biking towns such as Tumut and Tumbarumba, Guy envisions the entire region could become a mountain biking hotspot for tourists. 

“It could very well put Talbingo on the map, but it could also be part of a bigger area that could be the most popular mountain biking region in Australia,” Guy said. 

“This is joining up the things that are happening in Tumut, Tumbarumba, and even the Rosewood to Tumbarumba rail trail, but you also have to take into account Thredbo, Jindabyne and all those places, they are just down the road. 

“This area could really become a circuit and attract riders from everywhere.”

Guy is certainly thinking about the future, and believes that Talbingo will now be a triple threat, offering snow sports in the winter, boating in the summer, and now mountain biking all year round.

“Word is out and people are starting to come here for reasons other than just winter and boating,” Guy said. 

“Part of the design to have the Talbingo MTB is that we are used to peaks and troughs of visitors, but we hope this project levels things out and people are visiting all year round.

“We have been going for 12 months on this project but we have people coming through our shop doors and telling us they are hearing about exciting things that are happening here in Talbingo, and they are from Sydney, Gosford, and anywhere up and done the coast. It’s an exciting time.”

Talbingo MTB is now working closely with Snowy Valleys Council and other key stake holders about upcoming projects and trails, and the club hopes to have some very exciting announcements to make in the next week.