Talbingo thanks firies with heartfelt show and barbecue

Students lined up to have a photo with the firies who they are so grateful to for their hard work and bravery in defending their school and township during the holidays.

On Wednesday afternoon Fizzics Education visited Talbingo Public School and put on an entertaining and educational show for students, friends and family that was then followed by a delicious barbecue, the evening acting as a ‘thank you’ to the firies who bravely defended Talbingo against the Dunns Road Fire earlier this year.

The evening was opened by Talbingo School Principal Raylee Levey who said, “this gathering of our Talbingo community is about saying thank you and about people who care.”

Mrs Levey explained how the event came about, with Fizzics Education kindly offering to put on the science demonstration free-of-charge, the organisation having previously been at ALPSS (Alpine, Learning, Partnership, Small Schools, made up of Talbingo, Khancoban, Humula and Rosewood Public Schools) camps.

“Days after the fire went through here, Ben [from Fizzics Education] was in communication with Mrs Cherry and myself, checking on how we were, concerned about our students that they had all come to know,” Mrs Levey said.

“Ben offered his team’s service to run today free-of-charge as his way of letting the kids know how much people do care about what is happening to them and their towns.

“I decided…to use his generous offer to bring us all together to say thank you to our brave firefighters, snowy workers, and private residents that worked together to thank our town.

“We teachers always talk to our students about team work and that is what it was, that is why Talbingo is still standing today, along with many other towns; teamwork and determination.”

Student leader Seth Doidge spoke to the audience, saying “on behalf of all the students, teachers and parents I would like to thank all the brave firefighters that worked together to not just save our school but also Talbingo township.”

Students then gathered together and sang a song of thanks for the RFS members in attendance; ‘Count on Me’ by Bruno Mars. Seth said that the song “says it all.”

After the song everyone then sat back and enjoyed a scientific demonstration by Quill from Fizzics Education. She explained the concepts of solids, liquids and gasses, and how elements and objects can be transformed through exposure to things such as liquid nitrogen. The show ended with a ‘bang’, with everyone gathering to watch a big explosion on the oval.

Earlier in the day, students from the four schools involved with the ALPSS met at Talbingo School from 10am to 2pm for a fun filled day with Quill from Fizzics Education.

In the ALPSS network, Principals of the schools meet regularly and organise excursions and activities for the students throughout the year. During this particular event the students had a great day, the get-together acting as a debrief after the holidays and providing much needed fun for all students.

The evening ended with everyone gathering around to share a sausage sizzle, prepared and supplied by the P&C.